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What keeps you busy?

Wearing my headset in my terminal [3rd floor]--- weaving ideas at 12:45AM while taking order and Customer Service calls.
I'M bored! I should write....

When I grow up, I wanna be...

This is a common statement uttered by a child during his/her childhood years. Up to now, this statement is still famous and prevalent to everyone. Lemme ask you, what do you wanna be 5 years or 10 years from now?

When I was still a child I dreamt of becoming a famous and renowned reporter/journalist. I pursued tertiary education at University of Southern Mindanao and took up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication Major in Community Broadcasting. I pursued my college years with my dream of becoming a public icon. I want to be the next Julius Babao or the next Korina Sanchez as seen on public television. I wanna be the next Laurenti Dyogi who is the father of the reality TV Show--- Pinoy Big Brother or  I can be the next Jesica Soho owning a television magazine show. Who knows?!

But uh, oh! Now, I can't see myself working in a radio o TV station holding a microphone, or editing a video presentation which I used to do during my college years. I've been doing it for 3 years and what the hell im doing now?! How am I gonna use the facts and ideas weaved during college days? I wanna laugh! I just laughed and murmured " Hahaha sa isang BPO Company rin pala ako lalagapak."  Right now, I am connected in one of the first call center in Southern Mindanao, Cyber City Teleservices Davao City. It is situated at Lioc Kui Fraternity Building #16, Sobrecary St. Bo. Obrero Davao City. I am connected here for almost 1 year and 2 months already. I can say that the job I am inclined to right now is not an easy job. You need to be patient, understanding and most of all hard-working. I already experience a lot of things while in the company. There are times that I wanna give up due to the schedule. But thanks God, He never forsaken me. He never left me in times of loneliness and curiosity. I am happy for where I am right now. I can say that I am already a professional. And, it is really difficult to be independent. You have take in mind a lot of things--- from budgeting to time management. My mother wants me resign, but I am insisting that Its not easy to leave my work if Im not yet ready. Aside from leaving my work, I also need to leave the people whom I used to work with and its not as easy as drinking a hot coffee-- its painful.

We offer not just a JOB but a CAREER!-Cyber City Teleservices (Phils), Inc.

During the first 3 months of stay in CyberCity, I learned how to value customer's concern and queries. I learned how to be patient in every scenario. Right now, I'm ALREADY a grown representative.I can say that I am oldie with regards to taking calls, since I've been doing it for how many months already. I can even close my eyes and take the call . I can even memorize the positions of the letters in my keyboard. OHMAYGAD! I am doing it over and over again. I've been a dedicated rep for almost 8 months, that's why I can say that I know what Im already doing.

Hindi ko lubos akalain na magdadalawang taon na pala ako sa kumpanya ko ngayon. Samo't saring mga tao narin ang aking mga nakasalamuha. May mga taong  nagpangiti sa akin, nagpayamot, may mga mapang-asar, may mga taong walang pakialam, may mga taong nanira, at may mga taong mapang-asar. Klase-klase ng mga taong nanggulo sa magulo kong buhay bilang isang callboy. People's criticisms on me don't actually reveal what kind of person I am, cause in reality, what kind of people they are. I DON'T CARE! Tagged me Suplado or Feelingero. This is the real me and I don't need to pretend just to pleased you, right?

Pambugad sa aking pagdating sa callfloor ang mga katanungang " Thor, saan ang kalakal kagabi?", " Absent kana naman kagabi?" O "Anung sakit meron ka?" Hahaha napapangiti lang ako sabay birong , "Sorry I think we have a bad connection. You can always call us back for a better line." Seriously, I'm saying, " It feels like I am always knackered everynight, so I feel like I want to give up and resign. I wanna myself working in a day shift."

Yes, its totally obvious! I'm working to feed the butterflies in my stomach, I worked for my FUTURE? Future debts! [LOL] I worked because I need to finish my 2-year contract with the company, and I worked to save penny cause Im gonna watch "ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS"! And ooops, I worked for my 13th month pay! Yahooo--- December is fast approaching! I am a Call Center Agent working 48 hours a week with 3 Auxes per shift! I forgot to tell you, Im from my 12 hour shift [10pm to 10am] and look its already 11:59am and Im still glued in my PC blogging! [NAKAKAADIK MAG-BLOG] Going back to the corner, this is my first JOB right after college graduation. I am so thankful! In one snap, I already have it!

Nobody knows, I am always dragging myself to work everynight. I dunno why?! Maybe because I'm so tired of the all those "SIRANG-PLAKANG" complains from our American customers. There are times where in they're telling agents that they don't understand us, well as matter of fact--- problems are not with us, its with their hearing disabilities.Oh c'mon!


Agent: Thank you for calling D**** Pr***** order line. My name is THOR. May I have you telephone      number starting with the area code?

Customer: nhdsajdgshsgusdasdahdfsfdsfghjsdfds. I didn't catch you. What's your name? DORA?

Agent: My name is THOR ma'am. Thor!

Customer: Ah okay! Doris? What a nice name!

Agent: hsdgsdhdffsdhfsddf [covering the mouth piece] BINGI NAMAN! PATAWARIN!

Honestly, im always throwing and banging my mouse and even the keyboard to release the tension and anger felt while taking the call. I used to raise my voice to its highest pitch just so the customer can hear me.

There's only one reason why I love my JOB! Its because I'm enjoying the company of my workmates. That's why I am not yet decided to resign. CyberCity Teleservices Philippines- Davao City, not just a workplace but a HOME. [SMILE abot tenga]

But, I am so thankful still--- because I am still compensated right even to the smallest cents. I know, many of our bloggers are connected to any BPO Company here in the Philippines and abroad. Whether you are a teacher, or a doctor. A nurse or a janitor, a student or a jeepney driver, a balot vendor or a TakaTak Boy. We are all created by God in His own image and likeness. So huwag mong ipagpilitang kamukha mo si Richard Gomez, o kasing pogi mo si Aga Muhlach, o kasing ganda mo si Gretchen Baretto o kasing hinhin mo si Sharlene Gonzales. Iba ka MEN! You are totally unique! And one should not compare you to any other prominent individual in thi world.

I wanna share to you what I've read few months ago--- this helped me to set my goals and never taken life for granted. ----- “When you are at your weakest that’s when God’s presence is at its strongest.” - A line from Albert Dean V. Valencia. It was published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on August 14, 2011.

Remember to put God first as the center of your life and He will crown your efforts with success in which you shine like stars in the universe. Yipeeeeeeeee. BOW!

Hugs and Kisses+Durian Smell Rush,

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