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Jump shots are always associated with basketball and any other skilled sports. According to Merriam-Webster, jump shot is a shot in basketball made by jumping into the air and releasing the ball with one or both hands at the peak of the jump. Nowadays, we can see a lot of picture lovers who are fond of taking pictures of their jumping moments, may it be a group or solo pictures. It shows that we Filipinos are really picture lovers, every moment, every action, and every reaction should be captured by the camera lenses. I wanna share to you my old JUMP SHOT pictures and as well as the latest ones. Hope you like it. Enjoy! :D

In a farm at Brgy. Pisan, Kabacan Cotabato during our shooting for a documentary film. The film was actually on the lives of  our B'laan brothers and sisters, their daily routine and how they mingle with people on other tribes.

The life of a Development Communication student--- taking pictures anywhere we want! Aside from we love to take pictures anywhere, we are also fond of going anywhere our feet could lead us. Basically, we go to remote and isolated areas to share our knowledge on the basics of life which our clientele on grassroots level don't even know.

A jump shot at Kabacan River right after our College Graduation rehearsal. Its not that perfect, but this is one of the highest jump shot ever. It was a photo taken by Randy Tumilas.

A jump shot at ABS-CBN Network Cebu City with Anthony John Agujar. ABS-CBN Cebu visitation is one of the best experience since we are given the chance to see what's inside the studio and to let us use some of their TV equipments.

Jump for joy at Cebu Heritage Park with my DevCom Batchmates during our tour at Cebu City. This was last Feb 2008 at queen city of the south, savoring the last day of our educational tour. DC Loves CEBU!

An old summer jump shot at Tropicana Beach Resort, General Santos City with my close friends Anthony and Geraldine. It was captured by Cindy Rose Acanto-Gonzaga while the sun is up to rise. Oh la what a nice view!

A jump shot at Sonresa, Samal City with the TANGLAW 2010 Staff. It was a great experience to be with the nicest people in the university.

A jump shot by the sea with Douey Joy Cagud, as we express our gratitude to mother earth. We really love to take jum shots anywhere, everywhere and anytime!

Group work--- a jump shot with my DC classmates before our graduation day. Being with these crazy people is one of the best thing I could treasure in my entire life. I've been with the group for 4 sweet years and its been a challenging roller coaster ride with these lovely co-passengers. I love you guys! 

TEAM BUILDING: A jump shot at Peoples Park, Davao City--- with CYBERCITY Int'l School Batch 346.

A jump shot at Seagrass Resort, Samal City. Photo taken by Lisly Mae Callino. It is one of the BEST jump shot ever in my life. It was taken right after we arrived at the resort. Thanks Lis!

Toe-touhed once more at Seagrass, Samal City, getting ready for 2011 Freedom Climb at Mt. Puting Bato. Photo taken by Lisly Mae Callino, she's been very good in taking jump shots that's why I used to travel with her. She's a travel buddy of mine.

 A jump shot at Mt. Puting Bato, Samal City. Photo taken by Lisly Mae Callino again. Looked how many jump shots Lisly can capture. I owe you a bunch of cameras Lis. Thanks for that innate talent.

A jump shot taken at Marcella's Rest House at Panabo City-- taken by Miss May Tejada. This is the outcome of how many tries. I think 1, 2, 3 cant count it! LOL! But still its a nice leap.

Photo captured by Anjo Dorado at the PBB House, Hundred Islands Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos Pangasinan during our island tour. We celebrated the first week of September in Northern Luzon, visiting Pampanga, Pangasinan, Baguio and a part of Benguet.

Photo taken at Hundred Islands during our first stop at PBB House. 

These are some of my jump shots. I'll be posting new set of pictures next blogging time. Hope you like it readers. Bye for now, see you when I see you! 


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  1. hAHAHAHA..if Bianca Gonzales has her tumbling shots you on the other hand have your jump shots...
    hope to read more of your stories nessie! keep it up. no one knows, this blog might be your way to STARDOM. hehehe..wag ka..daghan sikat na bloggers dri..remember, bob ong started here..

  2. Thanks Pril! Continue visiting my blog and don't forget to leave your comments. Okay? Miss you!