Huwebes, Oktubre 27, 2011


22 Things You Must Know About Me

  1. I read novels and short stories VORACIOUSLY. My favorite authors are Danielle Steel Linda Howard and Luanne Rice which are obviously girls. I love the way they tickle my heart.
  2. PET PEEVES: I hate PINEAPPLES on my pizza and tomatoes on my burger. I'm a cheese lover.
  3. Most of the time I watched movies on the big screen ALONE. I hate to invite friends, they're sometimes distractions.
  4. I go crazy over TAGALOG Movies. I'd rather watched Filipino-theme movies than foreign movies. I am superb Jologs.
  5. A COCKROACH can let me dance and scream. I'm afraid with that brown-winged creature. GROSS!
  6. I like SPONGEBOB Squarepants.
  7. If given the chance to be baptize again with a different name, I'd change it with "HARRY" or "JUSTINE."
  8. Julie Anne San Jose  is my ULTIMATE crush. Sorry ELMO. Peace out :p
  9. I'm getting one year older every 9th day of JULY.
  10. I am a frustrated writer. I am always motivated by the saying " If you want to be a writer, then WRITE." If I don't have work, I woke up 4am to write, write and write.
  11. I do puffed CIGARS but I'm not a chain smoker.
  12. I'm a COFFEE Addict. 
  13. I'm afraid of this number [13]. Maybe because most of us believed that its bad luck.
  14. I bring mirror wherever I go. I put it in my pant's back pocket.
  15. I'm such an OC person! After washing my clothes, I hang them according to color preferences. From the dark colored clothes to a lighter one. I always sweep the floor when I'm alone, can't count how many times I keep on doing it. And I'm always checking the door if its locked or not. I'm doing it over and over again even if Im sure that it was already locked. 
  16. The age when I realized that I'm really GAY. I was sixteen then...
  17. I am an adventurous person. The jack of all trades--- i love out of town trips. I like mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. I like to swim and bond with nature by taking countless photos. Simply, i'm a NATURALIST.
  18. At home, I'm wearing panties. Panties are much comfortable than briefs. YIKES!
  19. I passed by Bianca Gonzales' blog everyday. She inspired me to start blogging again. [Im really blogging during my college years]
  20. I'm a pure blooded Ilocano but I don't know how to save. Lols
  21. My greatest dream is to be a flight attendant. I'm not tall and not good looking. It'll forever remain as one of my frustrations.
  22. Now, I'm 22 years of age, immature and an ambitious person.
That's THOR. That's SIMPLY ME :D

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