Huwebes, Oktubre 27, 2011

CARPE DIEM: You have to seize the day

If you are no longer happy with what you're doing, you have to save yourself. Is it true? This is somewhat opinionated.

Partly, I am correct. Some would agree and some would argue.

These past few days, I've been so pre-occupied with a lot of things. I had so many questions and it can never be answerable by simply YES or NO. It needs a lot of justification. Sometimes, I've been questioning why life is so unfair? (Is it really unfair?) I know that everything has its own purpose and still I can't grasp it. I know the problem is with me. I looked at life in my own perspectives and ways. I defined life in my own descriptions which is a no-no. I should also look at life the way people see it.

I cry. I laugh. I scream and I love. I can do what a normal people can do. AM I ABNORMAL? Or am I insane? I've never been connected with what I have. I am always craving for more. I'm saddened cause I really don't know how to give importance to what I have right now. I don't even trust myself, my own capabilities and talents-- the WHOLE me. Exactly, I wanna be different just like others. I'm a jealous person.

Well, going back to the title--- one should know how to prioritize things in life. Give significance to things which you think can boost your self-esteem. Don't degrade your ownself. Be proud of it. You should be a goal-oriented person. And you should value every second of your life. Plus, you have to make it sure that your dreams are reachable. Don't dream like you'll gonna win the sweepstakes everyday. ACT TO MAKE IT REALISTIC. 

Furthermore, a successful individual should always seize every day of his/her life. Life is full of choices, so choose carefully.

Moreover, life is how we make it. There are a lot of opportunities in life, we should always be pragmatic and open-minded. If you say you can do it, then do it.

In addition, if you fail then you have to accept it with a big and smiling heart and move on. Life is like a YOYO, we encounter ups and downs. Its like karma that what goes around come around, and what goes up must come down. When you're on top, remember to give thanks. And when you feel like drowning and sinking just call His Mighty Name and He'll ready to rescue you.

And above all, we should be sure of what we're doing so that there are no regrets in the future. Seize everyday with a sharp mind. We should be emotionally and intellectually equipped with capsules of acceptance and tablets of good vibes. By these, everything will definitely follow.

This is not a farewell letter for my officemates. I am writing this letter the whole world know how lucky I am to have you guys. I met beautiful people like you. You helped me seize my days in my first job. I owe it all to you. You honed and developed me in becoming a better person today. I am now ready to combat new battles in life.

I am encouraging all young people to seize every opportunity the world could offer. If it knocks, then grab it vigorously. Don't hesitate to accept cause there's no really harm in trying.

This is it--- I'll be leaving Cybercity SOON, very soon. I wanna seize greater opportunities outside the center. I know its hard for me to bid goodbye, but I need to. My goodbye means " I need to go outside my cocoon and start to fly with my fully-armored wings." Till next Pizza Party, till next team building and till next Aux Party. I will surely miss you all. I'm leaving you guys, not because Im no longer happy, its just that there's a greater opportunity outside which I need to seize before it melts down. See you in the outside world. I am doing a voluntary exit. (Parang PBB lang ano?!)

To all my FRIENDS: " The day I met you was my favorite accident and even today I love those injuries."

With arms wide open,

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