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Am I really the father of your son? OHMAYGAD!

Its been almost three months since I heard the news about me being the cause of the pregnancy of this "who-the-girl-she-is." It kills me much. Everybody knows that I am such a reserved person and I seldom share my experiences about my love life. I dunno how to explain to my family since I'm not living with them right now. I mean, I can't explain to them personally. The issue sprouted when I posted something on my FACEBOOK wall about this girl crush of mine. I am attracted to her that's why I've been posting fraud statements about this controversial girl. I used to like her because of her sweet smiles, hazelnut eyes and her angelic voice. And, I've been posting statements like getting married with her and highlighted the word "VERY SOON." Here comes a young lady with "sanga-sangang dila" who keeps on viewing my profile. Bad thing, TSINISMIS niya ito. It's been the hottest issue our place. As I can still remember, its been the box-office chika in our place and take note it lasted for a month. JESUS! How will I do that silly act? Am I really thirsty of the so-called SEX? Come to think of it. I've been working in graveyard shift and I don't even have a time to pamper myself. Did I post something wrong or it's you who didn't understand my posts? Girl, you have to be meticulous and you have to scrutinize what I'm posting. You somehow ruined my silence. You should have chosen the right word.You don't even know me, just my name-- so don't fabricate issues. You're not even a writer or a reporter. I'm not into show business as well. So, you have to think twice before doing the act.

I was alarmed when I received a phone call from my mother. She asked me if the news was true or not. I asked her, "What news Ma?." She answered, "Its been two weeks already that the news has been circulating here. Tell us the truth." "What truth Mama? What are you talking about?." She laughed and I grinned. I figured it out immediately. "Ah... I know already what are you talking about. Me being the cause of a girl's pregnancy?." I laughed out loud. "Ma, you know me right?." Mama answered back, "Just tell us how true it is, we're not angry. Me and your Papa will be happy if that news is really true. We'll arrange the wedding right away." I laughed for the nth time and said, "Ma, I never had a chance to meet the girl they're talking about. And I never had an intercourse with a girl as far as I could remember. The truth is, I posted something on my FB wall blah blah blah.

Whispering to myself, "I never had a one-night tryst with a lady. How? Why? When? Where? So many questions---  The conversation ended when I said to her that I'm going home the following week to vindicate to her my side regarding the rumor. I was puzzled and I said to myself "la la la... my mother will be happy if it came into reality, much more with my father." I know time will come I'm gonna marry the most beautiful girl and God is still busy writing the best love story for me. [Grin] GEEEZ!

My younger brother keeps on teasing me every time we see each other. " Ya, naunahan mo pa ako ha. Akalain mo mas chickboy ka pa sa akin." I just smiled and let him shut his mouth or else I'm gonna punch him BIGTIME.

With that growing rumor about me, a lot of my closest friends texted me and confirmed if it is really true. I just tell them, "You'll know it soon." They all tried to convince me, but I'm hard-headed. I never had the chance to tell it to them, cause I'm always diverting the topic into a much-talked topic.

You know what, even my long lost friend sent me a message in FB asking about the rumor. I was astonished, because of that rumor I finally got her contact number. (Thanks anyways to the issue maker) GOOD HEAVENS! I became the subject of their daily conversations, it only means that I'm above them. I'm already FAMOUS, I tried being in the hot seat. Jokeness (*.*)

I am sharing this one to you guys to let you and everyone know that we should not weave ideas/stories/rumors based on what we've heard or read. We should not make HASTY GENERALIZATION. Come to think if the news is 100% true, then you have the right to flaunt it. But if its 100% untrue, you should confirm it first before sharing it to others. With this, we can avoid arguments and we can build harmonious relationship with one another.

Moreover, in building rapport--- one should know how to tickle the person who you are talking with. One should not judge the person based on what they see. You should always bear in mind that understanding each others view and opinion is the best ingredient of a good companionship--- understand his/her niche and lifestyle. Offering ones shoulder to lean on when he/she needs it is the best example. Listen to what he/she is sharing and give a piece of advice.

In addition, in order for you not to tagged as "TSISMOSO o TSISMOSA", we should be aware of what stories we are sharing to our colleagues. Don't add or subtract words on their stories. It should be verbatim or en to to [Period to period]. And, we should always think what will be the consequences once we utter those words.

I hope that you'll be moved once you read this piece. There are ways to let yourself go and embrace the world--- EAT, PRAY and LOVE ♥.

Let's call it a day. God Bless readers.

With arms wide open,

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