Linggo, Disyembre 04, 2011

Smoking Cessation

Government Warning: SMOKING KILLS!

To callcenter agents, smoking is already a part of their niche and lifestyle. They, or We can't end up the shift without burning even a single sniff. I should have admit it! I am not a chain smoker either, but I smoke.

We can see people everywhere, anywhere holding a single stick and puffing it vigorously. Its been a rage and its been a trend to some. I can even consider it as a pastime when I'm bored.

Eventually, it makes me feel at ease. It makes me feel smart and intelligent. (Am I?) Well, I feel like my neurons are active the moment I started puffing the cigar. I can't even explain it. Look at me now, I am writing this piece while smoking.

I'm always pairing it with my Venti or Grande Size Coffee from SB, or any soda available in the cafeteria. I like puffing it over and over again. The feeling of alertness is within me. I'm alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic. I feel like the power of this mighty stick is running through my veins and it keeps me active all the time.

Well, I can say that I'm not addict into it. But, I know soon, I will.

Its hard for me to abstain from this vice. I don't even know how to stop it. I'm working under pressure, so I need this "pressure-remover." It makes me more valiant in everything I say and it makes me MORE happy and gay. I feel like my life is boring. I should have stubbed my last cigarette while supply lasts.

Now, I am afraid how can I stop buying and puffing ciggies well in fact this has been part of my cycle. When I'm tired, I smoked. When I'm totally stressed, I smoked again. When I got bored, I surely smoke. When I'm depressed and devastated, I smoke. I feel like I'm a mess to my everyone. This is a bit INSANE. It's been a well-known advocacy--- to quit from smoking.

When I'm at work, I always crave for it. After meals, on coffee breaks, in between meals, EVERYDAY! I can't see myself not holding this fiery stick. I can't quite kick this disgusting habit of mine. It's somehow contagious. When I see my friends smoking, I got jealous. I am always rushing to the nearest store and buy some.

Right now, I am not still afraid of what will happen to me 10 or 20 years from now if I will continue to light up. I just can't stop this nicotine habit, I can't or I don't know how.

And now, that I am about to lessen my nicotine intake, it challenges me a lot. I should make a move now, not when my right foot is already gone.

Help me quit from this life-taking vice.

With a bit of joke I just simply say to those who are asking why I love smoking--- "I hate to see people in the street or everywhere smoking, that's why I am burning them One by One."