Huwebes, Hulyo 05, 2012

I'm 23 Almost

"Birthday cakes and candles, balloons, presents, sodas, fries and chips, party poppers, disco lights and the likes." These are some of the things which I don't like about celebrating a birthday. I find it so expensive to celebrate it to the grandest.You have to prepare everything from a pair of plastic spoon and fork to minute things like garbage bags and all. Indeed, its a way of chuckling "Thank You" and expressing to our Father how grateful we are cause we've reached tis far. Its a day of THANKSGIVING and I mean it, but do we REALLY need to prepare sumptuous dinner/lunch for our colleagues? To buy gallons of tequilas? To rush to the nearest store for your last minute shopping? Its so conventional and customary. Why not celebrate it in a simple way yet notable and indelible? I don't like the idea of celebrating it and spending too much and you come to realize the next day that payday is too far and your pocket is running out of bills, what will you do? Call Mama and ask some back-up? Uh' oh! That's so immature. I'm not born in paper bills and coins. I'm just a simple Filipino Citizen, with outstanding principles in life and believes that "LIFE is a roller coaster ride, so make it MERRY-GO-ROUND."

At this early adult age, I'm no longer particular with what people can give/offer or what my family can prepare for me on the 9th of July. If there is, well I'll be so thankful. I'm not celebrating it to the fullest cause its a just an ordinary day for me. After work, I walked to the Church with my candles, pray to GOD with Adoration, for Contrition, of course with Thanksgiving in my heart and lastly, for everyday Supplication. I can still remember the way my Mama taught me how to pray--- by ACTS. That's true. If you don't know how to pray, follow what I uttered.

After going to church, I make myself available online. To respond to online cyber greetings and to check my mails. After an hour of being glued in my PC, I'm going out and I used myself with the usual food available in any local restaurants in the place. After eating, I used to stroll around the city till dusk. I will sleep for about a couple of hours and back to work again. That makes my birthday an ORDINARY day.

Your birthday will not be so special without wishing for something. This year, my wish is for the 3 MOST Significant and Most-loved persons of my life.

First, my PAPA. I hope, pray and wish TOTAL HEALING for him. I know that his illness made him so weak these past few months. I know God will pour his Mighty blood to him and that He will be healed totally.

Second, my BUSY Mom. I hope, pray and wish TOTAL FAVOR for her. Favor from her Boss, from her peers, from her group, from her teachers and that everything will run smoothly as expected. May God cover her with the Mighty Wings of His Angels.

And lastly, my Brother, the cub and rookie in the world of teaching. May God enlighten his mind and may he impart his knowledge to his students to the the best that he could. And may he realize that teaching is really a noble profession and that he should be proud of himself.

I wish nothing but the best for them. And now that I'm turning 23 this year, may God direct me to the right path and may He comfort me with this unconditional LOVE.

Thank you guys for joining me in a Year of  Peregrination. The travel with you guys made me a better 22 YEAR OLD PERSON. Continue being with me cause we have still a long long way to run. Tilll next trekking!