Linggo, Disyembre 04, 2011

Smoking Cessation

Government Warning: SMOKING KILLS!

To callcenter agents, smoking is already a part of their niche and lifestyle. They, or We can't end up the shift without burning even a single sniff. I should have admit it! I am not a chain smoker either, but I smoke.

We can see people everywhere, anywhere holding a single stick and puffing it vigorously. Its been a rage and its been a trend to some. I can even consider it as a pastime when I'm bored.

Eventually, it makes me feel at ease. It makes me feel smart and intelligent. (Am I?) Well, I feel like my neurons are active the moment I started puffing the cigar. I can't even explain it. Look at me now, I am writing this piece while smoking.

I'm always pairing it with my Venti or Grande Size Coffee from SB, or any soda available in the cafeteria. I like puffing it over and over again. The feeling of alertness is within me. I'm alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic. I feel like the power of this mighty stick is running through my veins and it keeps me active all the time.

Well, I can say that I'm not addict into it. But, I know soon, I will.

Its hard for me to abstain from this vice. I don't even know how to stop it. I'm working under pressure, so I need this "pressure-remover." It makes me more valiant in everything I say and it makes me MORE happy and gay. I feel like my life is boring. I should have stubbed my last cigarette while supply lasts.

Now, I am afraid how can I stop buying and puffing ciggies well in fact this has been part of my cycle. When I'm tired, I smoked. When I'm totally stressed, I smoked again. When I got bored, I surely smoke. When I'm depressed and devastated, I smoke. I feel like I'm a mess to my everyone. This is a bit INSANE. It's been a well-known advocacy--- to quit from smoking.

When I'm at work, I always crave for it. After meals, on coffee breaks, in between meals, EVERYDAY! I can't see myself not holding this fiery stick. I can't quite kick this disgusting habit of mine. It's somehow contagious. When I see my friends smoking, I got jealous. I am always rushing to the nearest store and buy some.

Right now, I am not still afraid of what will happen to me 10 or 20 years from now if I will continue to light up. I just can't stop this nicotine habit, I can't or I don't know how.

And now, that I am about to lessen my nicotine intake, it challenges me a lot. I should make a move now, not when my right foot is already gone.

Help me quit from this life-taking vice.

With a bit of joke I just simply say to those who are asking why I love smoking--- "I hate to see people in the street or everywhere smoking, that's why I am burning them One by One."

Martes, Nobyembre 29, 2011

Iba siya sa LAHAT

Karamihan ang nagtatanong sa atin kung bakit si ganito, si ganyan o bakit sinu-sino pa ang ating nagiging syota, irog, kaIbigan, partner, honey o anu pa man. Sa dinami-dami ng babae eh bakit pa yung hawig ni Betty La Fea o bakit sa ganda daw niya eh bakit sa isang geek siya nagpabihag? Kung bat diumano napili ni Mr.Right ang babaeng bayaran sa kanto? At kung bakit natipuhan ng isang magandang dilag ang isang tambay na nagibibilang ng poste ng Meralco? Kay dami ngang agam-agam ang bigla nalang pumuputok sa ating mapaghusgang isipan.

Marami sa atin ang mapang-lait at mapang-asar. Marami sa atin ang nagtataka kung anung gayuma ang pinainom ni lalake sa isang hiyas, marikit at magandang dilag. Marami sa atin ang nagulat kung bakit si babae eh nagpakatanga sa isang walang kwentang lalaki.

Ganyan ang PAG-IBIG, WALANG PINIPILI. Kahit sino pwede.

Di ba natin pansin sa mga nagsisikatang soap opera at pelikula ang katanungang nanggugulo sa atin. Katanungang bakit sila pa ang nagkataluyan. Bakit? Paano?

Hindi alintana o inisip ni Juliet na miyembro ng kaaway nilang grupo si Romeo, ang Montagues. Hindi natakot si Bella noong malaman niyang bampira si Edward at nakuha pang magpabuntis nito kahit delikado. Hindi inisip ni Sir Jose na mahirap si Maria La Del Barrio. At hindi rin inisip ni Rose na isang hamak na dukha si Jack nung silay nagkainlaban sa Titanic.


Kahit anu pa mang standards ang ating naisin para sa ating ideal lover, the fact will always remain that the person we fall in love with----- will always be an EXCEPTION. Dahil iba siya sa lahat.

Linggo, Nobyembre 27, 2011

How sweet are GOODBYES?

"Never beg people to stay against their will. Sometimes the gift of goodbye opens up another door. All you can do is move on but don't move away."

YES! Sometimes we may see the good side of saying goodbye to the person whom we cherished and loved the most for how many days, months or even years. Saying goodbye doesn't mean that we should forget the person and throw the memories in the garbage of past. Remember that once in your life, that person made you happy and he/she became your ultimate inspiration why you're living life the way you wanted it to be.

Some would probably say goodbye because they wanted to exclude themselves from the so-called forbidden and illegitimate love.  With teary eyes like a flowing stream, they started to divorce themselves to the person whom they shared pure love and happiness with.

Most of us believe that leaving our loved ones is not an easy task. True! It's not as easy as putting a band-aid in your lacerated hands or wounded knees. It's not a joke either. It is a mature decision that we should face and embrace undoubtedly. It hurts but sometimes it brings out the best in us. Eventually, we learned how to be strong and we become a well-mannered individual.

If the person we loved endlessly, bids goodbye to us, we should happily set him/her free. We should be mature enough to think that loving is not owning as what Juris wants us to realize through her song. Love is only a gift given to us, we should not hold in tight in our hands for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to leave. This is what a friend of mine told me. Partly true. Don't claim that he/she can be yours forever. There are really times that we should unclasp each others hand and move separate ways.

There are really reasons why they wanted to keep distance from us, that is to weigh things and decide well.

On the other hand, never think that you're not good enough to him/her. Sometimes you should also ask yourself if they are good enough for you. It should be a vice-versa concept and a process. To make things stay in status quo or equilibrium, one should work hand in hand to achieve a harmonious and endless relationship.

Oftentimes, we get tired that's why we chose to say goodbye and end the relationship. No matter how subtle the break-up is. No matter how serious you are in telling him/her the truth, it is still painful. Yes, we have to face it. We can't escape from it. That's the twin of loving, but it pays back if you accepted it wholeheartedly.

There are valid reasons why they wanted to say goodbye to us, and we should respect it fully without any single doubt. Maybe one of the reasons why they wanted to, is that they wanted to search for better options in life. Or, they wanted to be what they wanted to be. I mean, when you see each other again in the cycle you'll be totally proud of him/her. You can say that she/he reach that far. When fate wants you to be with each other someday, then, be it.

Leaving our love partners is also proving him/her that you wanna change for good. Change is inevitable and its prevalent. Maybe, he/she wants to change his/her world that could surely fit yours.

Remember, you are not a beggar, so don't you dare beg for him or her to stay. Move on bur don't move away. Get love and be hurt.

Now tell me, is goodbye as sweet as a child's lollipop? I doubt.

Love Master,

Biyernes, Nobyembre 25, 2011

THOR: the Jack of the Voyage called LIFE

November 24, 2011 at around 2:53 AM--- I am weaving this piece. Good heavens, it's THANKSGIVING Day in the United States. Americans were busy preparing for this annual event. It only means that we are on pet-tics mode, I can even count my calls either.

There are a lot of things that I should be thankful of. Since today is Thanksgiving Day, I wanna pay tribute to the people who once accompanied me as I sail on the voyage of life. I'm not a good sailor or seafarer, that's why I am so grateful cause there are a lot of people who taught me how to be a good one and how to travel in the right direction.

To Our Heavenly Father for being the best tutor in the world. He taught me how to be patient along the journey. He even taught me how to be proficient in everything I do. I salute You for being the best porter.

To My ever supportive Family for accompanying me all throughout the journey. They've accepted me for Who I am and for what I can be. I'm not a stubborn child and brother but sometimes I disrespect Mama and Papa and I ignore Boks. I'm sorry for the heartaches. And for being an immature one. I was so impertinent.

To All my Friends, you know who you are, thanks for showing me what real happiness is. Thanks for all the nice shaggy-dog stories we've shared along the way. You are all good trekkers and I hope that you'll continue the memorable trip that we've started.

To my workmates, Cyber Peeps, who happened to be my first family here in Davao, thanks for the indelible expedition marks. I am so delighted and gratified cause I got the chance to include you in my everyday peregrination. It was a travel full of fun and remembrance.

To all my haters, thanks for the inspiration. You taught me how to be muscular and stout. I don't wanna name names cause I know you knew it. My best regards to all of you.

To all who became a part of my boring life, thanks for adding color to it. We're like rainbow, we can't be complete or we cannot be called as rainbow if one is color is missing. Continue to decorate my life and continue creating the world were dreams are from one point to another.

I know I have long, long way to run and sail. And I'm pretty sure that there are still  a lot of creatures who will accompany me in my expedition.

I'll continue being an innocent swabbie and I'll continue to travel up to my last breath with God, with all of you, and with all the people who'll accept me for better or for worst.

Sailing Back and Forth,

Huwebes, Nobyembre 24, 2011

I was once an IDIOT

Last Wednesday, November 23, 2011, I received the worst call ever in my life as a Call Center Associate. I was really disturbed and my hands are shaking. My mind was in total black-out and I feel like my eyes wants to cry out.

Here it is. I wanna share to you the whole story.

At around 4:00 o'clock in the morning, November 24, the following day, I received a an order call from an American customer named Z. Ramsey. She's an old lady who wants to order the Double Security Zip Around Fan Wallet of our company. On set of the call, I was wondering why she wants me to scream, not knowing that she's kinda deaf. I just realized it when she told me she's on a speaker phone. I was astonished and shocked cause she shouted like somebody's gonna take her away from the phone. I'm not in the mood to argue with her cause I am not feeling well. To my surprise, I shouted back to her cause in the first place she wants me to do. It's not being me as unprofessional but it is with her who's very demanding. It's like we're talking on top of our lungs. It's like I'm on the ground floor and she's on the nth floor of the building. 

I even explained to her that agents are also taking calls, so If I will shout up to the edge of the roof they might be disturbed and they will look at me with face which a painter could not even paint. She told me she don't even care. We're shouting on the entire transaction.

Here's the funny thing. We're almost done and I was about to offer her our Money Saving Program, when she interrupted me and asked where am I located. I told her that our corporate office is in Chatsworth, CA. She's very happy cause she thought that the call was processed in the US with an American agent. She then asked me for the second time, "Where are you physically located?" I told her that I'm taking her call in one of the offshoot callcenters in the PH and works for D****P*****.

I was again shocked for the third time because she's murmuring and she told me that I'm lying. She no longer wants to listen to me. Well I am just following our Client's Directive and proper call flow. I told her that we are not allowed to say right away that we are located in the PH. She didn't listen to me. She's like delivering a homily when she said, " God Loves You, and Jesus Christ died on the the cross to save us from sins and now you are lying?. I can't imagine it. You're a LIAR." I explained to her about our client's directive and she rejected my explanation. I even tell her that I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm saying and I'm a Christian. She didn't mind me.

I really can't imagine why there are people who are underestimating one's potential without even letting the person show what he/she can do. I helped her in placing the order and yet she acted like an untamed animal.

What hurts me most is that she generalized that we, Filipinos are Idiots. That I myself is an Idiot. That I cannot understand her. That I lied to her. That I cannot speak English well.

She even requested me to transfer the call to US. I told her that as much as I would like to do so, I don't have the access to transfer it to CA. She's really demanding. She didn't hang-up and she shouted for how many times that she don't wanna talk to me. WT* How will I end the call properly If she will not talk to me or she'll not hang up either? I heard her saying that she wants her call to be routed in the US. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that there are really a lot of racist in this arena. I can name a few of them.

My patience was lost and still I tried my best to end the call, but she's really hard-headed. I can't think of what to do so I let my Supervisor take the call. I dunno what happened next cause I just saw my Sales Manager wearing my headset and talking to the b*tch old rugged lady. Good thing the call was saved and good heavens it ended up so smooth. Thanks to my SM. (Grin*)

She should be thankful cause there's someone who wants to help her place the order. If all customers are like Ms. Ramsey, I bet all call centers are like battlefields.

LESSON? Don't talk to stupid people, you might be tagged as IDIOT. Why? Because only stupid people can understand their words and language. I've tried talking to one of them that's why I WAS ONCE AN IDIOT.

The 4TH Idiot featuring The Three Idiots,

Sabado, Nobyembre 19, 2011

10 UTOS sa Pag-inom

Nakatanggap ako ng mensahe mula sa aking kaibigan, napa-isip ako bigla. Gulong-gulo na naman ako kung ano ang nais kong talakayin sa umagang ito, pasalamat ako dahil binigyan niya ako ng ideya! TUMPAK! Nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang mga utos sa pag-inom na siguradong ikatutuwa niyo. Simulan na ang rebelasyon. Ito ay ang mga:

IKA-UNA Huwag makulit habang umiinom, hindi ka bata.

Minsan sa atin, o karamihan sa atin ang nagiging instant bata. Malikot, makulit, padance-dance, o di mapakali sa kinalalagyan. Pag tinamaan na tayo ng serbesa eh nagiging instant historian din tayo. Andaming nais ikwento, at andaming nais ibahagi. Mga actors and actresses din kasi may matching actions and feelings pa kapag nag-kwento. Ang ikinatutuwa ko eh may pa-Ingles-ingles pang nalalaman.

IKALAWA Huwag matakaw sa pulutan, wala ka sa picnic o sa foodtrip.

Merong iba eh pulot ng pulot sa pulutan (Pulutan nga eh) pero gulat ka nalang mas nauuna pang nauubos ang pulutan kesa sa inumin. Paborito na nating mga Noypi ang Kropek, Mani, Kornik o anu pang klase ng Pica-Pica. Mas masarap ang pulutan, mas madaling nauubos. Try mo yung super anghang na sisig, try natin kung mauubos agad.

IKATLO Huwag patagalin ang baso, marami ang naghihintay.

"Umugat na yung baso oh." Yan ang kalimitang naririnig natin kapag nasa tomahan. Yung iba, dinadasalan pa o nagsasign of the cross bago inumin yung serbesa.Yung iba eh kunwaring patakip-takip ng ilong. Ang daming nag-aalibi pag nasa inuman na huwag lang makantyawan.

IKA-APAT Huwag inon ng inom, bumili ka rin.

Minsan pag-ambagan na eh nagpa-pass, next time nalang raw kasi wala nang budget, pero kapag nakahain na sa mesa eh napaka-aggressive, kala mo eh perstaym uminom. Mahiya rin tayo, dyahe rin kung palibre lang tayo parati. Makibahagi sa hatian, baka kasi sa susunod eh di kana nila imbitahin.

IKALIMA Uminom ng diresto sa tiyan, huwag sa ulo.

Ito ang utos na iniaalay ko sa mga dakilang WAR FREAK, yung mga taong ang feeling eh sa kanila na mundo. Merong mag-wawild, may patapun-tapon ng upuan, merong kunyaring susuntok sa pader, at merong parang sinapian na ayaw paawat.Gustong sugurin ang naka-away o naka-alitan.MEN! Chillax lang, huwag daanin sa init ng ulo baka kasi di mo pa kilala binabangga mo.

IKA-ANIM Magpaalam ng maayos pag-uuwi, di nalang basta mawawala sa eksena.

Para naman sa aking ang utos na ito. Tinamaan ako. Magpaalam ng maayos kung gusto na nating umuwi at feeling natin eh kakasakay lang natin sa roller coaster ride na animo'y mundo ay umiikot. Huwag magsisinungaling. Kunwari eh magyoyosi saglit o may tumawag daw sa cellphone. Meron daw bibilhin sa tindahan o jijingle lang daw. Yun pala eh naghahanap ng rason para maka-uwi.

IKA-PITO Magtira ng pamasahe para di maglakad pauwi. 

Siguraduhing may itinabi nang pamasahe bago magsimula ang drinking session. Ilagay sa maliit na bulsa, yung parang anak ng malaking bulsa para di aksidenteng madukot pag mag ambagan na naman. Ilagay sa bulsa ng briefs o sa bra. Loko lang.

IKA-WALO Huwag matulog sa harap ng inuman, wala ka sa kwarto.

Bunsod ng kalasingan,ang karamihan sa atin nakukuha pang isandal ang ulo sa mesa. Yung iba naman eh sa balikat ng kainuman at yung iba naman eh may imaginary na sinasandalan. Kapag di na kaya eh huwag ng pilitin pa, baka kasi pag-gising mo kinabukasan magtataka ka. "Anung nangyari sa akin?" o "Saan na ako?" Magdadrama bigla, "loko mga yun iniwan ako." Kung ayaw mong mapahiya, inumin lang ang kaya. Okay lang kung house party ang pinuntahan mo, paano nalang kung sa isang bar? Naku, magtakip kana ng mukha mo palabas ng bar. LOLS.

IKA-SIYAM Siguraduhing sa bahay ang uwi, huwag kung saan-saan.

Yun! Saan ka kaya nauwi pag lasing ka? Sigurado kang sa bahay niyo? Baka naman sa Lodge o sa Motel ang tuloy mo. Witwew! Tamaan ang tamaan. Siguraduhing sa bahay niyo ang uwi mo, baka kasi sa ibang bahay ka kakatok o ibang pintuan ang pinasok mo. Kahihiyan na naman yun.

IKA-SAMPU Huwag tikman ang katabi, hindi siya pulutan.

Nakakalasing naman 'tong utos na ito. Speechless ako bigla ah. Di ko mabigyang paliwanag. Ah, basta yun na yun, bahalana kayong umintindi. Sel-explanatory naman eh.(Chuckle)

Ilan lamang yan sa mga utos sa pag-inom, alam kong marami pa kayong alam na ibahagi.

IKAW? Anung utos ang para sayo?

Huwebes, Nobyembre 17, 2011


Galing kay Ser Google. Salamat Preng.

Pamilyar naman tayo sa mga keys sa ating keyboard. Ibat-ibang nga commands ang pwedeng gawin upang maisatitik natin ang ating mga hinaing, hinuha, o diwang maririmarim sa ating magulong utak. Ibat-ibang mga letra, numero o mga keys ang makikita. Ganyan din sa pag-ibig, sari-saring mga emosyon, mahahalang mga petsa, o kung anu pa ang nararamdaman natin. Samut-saring salita ang namumutawi sa ating puso't isipan. Sa pag-ibig pwede mo ring gamitin ang mga utos na pwedeng magamit sa iyong keyboard. Tulad ng mga:

ENTER Sa pag-ibig kailangan mong magkaroon ng lakas ng loob upang ipagpatuloy ang iyong nasimulan. Go lang ng go. Wala namang mawawala kung gusto mong pursue ang iyong nasimulan. Sa pag-ibig marami ring mga pagsubok na dumarating, kung pwede pang i-SAVE (Ctrl+S) ang relationship bakit hindi? sayang ang mga in-ENTER mong time, effort, money, love at iba pa. Move forward. Hakbang lang at wag-madiscourage dahil parte lang yun ng isang relasyon. Kailangan mong maging mature.

BACKSPACE Kung may hindi kayo pagkakaintindihan ng iyong irog, o may alitan o may mali sa inyong dalawa kailangan niyong pag-usapan. Move One-Step Backward, i-backspace mo. Di niyo naman masosolve ang problema kung minsan eh enter nalang kayo ng enter, o go nalang kayo ng go. Kailangan niyo ring isipin na ang tagumpay ng inyong relasyon ay ang pagbalik tanaw sa mga nangyari at pagbigay ng solusyon sa mga dagok na dumarating sa inyong pagsasama.

CONTROL Maraming mga temptation ang pwedeng dumating at sumira sa inyong relasyon, kailangan mong kontrolin ang iyong sarili. Huwag basta basta bumigay dahil nananahimik naman ang KARMA eh, di niya ipapaalm na dadapo na siya sayo, o di yan magpapakita na hinahabol ka na pala niya. Kung may awayan man kayo, huwag basta bastang magalit, kontrolin ang sarili dahil masosolusyunan naman ang mga problema o alitan sa mahinahong paraan. Dasal lang, upang makontrol ito. Mawawa rin ang mga temptasyong yan.

INSERT Upang maging mas matibay ang inyong samahan, kailangan mong magp-isip ng mga bagay na ikaka-surpresa niya o ikakasaya ng honey o babes mo. Kahit simpleng bagay lang ang iyong gawin basta't sincere ka okay na. Ang simpleng pagtext ng, "Mahal, ingat ka ha? " o "Bebe, huwag palipas ng gutom." ay malaki na ang impact nito sa iyong minamahal. Siguradong di mo lang kinurot ang puso niya, pinalundag mo pa. Ang pagliligawan ay di natatapos sa panahong nakuha ng lalake ang Oo ng Babae, dapat ang ligawan ay hanggang sa silay nagsasama.

PAUSE May mga panahong kailangan din tayong mag-isip at mapahinto. Before tayo tuluyang umenter eh isipin mo natin kung okay pa ang ating gagawin o hindi. Di lang tayo dapat go ng go. Isipin natin kung mapapasaya ba natin minamahal natin o makakasakit lang tayo. MEDITATE. Maayos ba pa ang pakikitungo mo sa iyong minamahal, o nagbabago na? Assess you love to him/her.

SHIFT Kung alam nating nasasaktan na pala natin ang ating minamahal, kailangan nating mag-isip ng Remedy. Divert it to a most appealing way. Shift your dark mood to a good one. Kailangang baguhin mo ang masama mong pakikitungo sa kanya, baka kasi masawa siya at iwan ka niya. Shift to something new and fresh. 

DELETE Kung may mga masasamang gawain ka na nakasakit sa iyong mahal, walain mo na ito. Kailangan mo ring kalimutan ang mga masasaklap na nangyari sa inyo, importante eh kayo parin sa kasalukuyan. Walain ang mga agam-agam sa wala namang kasiguruhan. Mawawala lang ang iyong tiwala sa'yong minamahal kong patuloy mong pairalin 'to. Move forward. Enter again.

LETTER KEYS Sa pag-ibig marami tayong plano. Dumating yung time na naisipan nating igive-up ang ating minamahal, panahong ipagpatuloy parin kahit nasasaktan na, panahong gusto na nating magpatali sa ating irog, at marami pa. Kailangan mong gumawa ng mga plano kung pano to masolusyunan. Kung di tagumpay ang PLAN A o PLAN B mo, isipin mong sa letra ng keyboard ito ay may A-Z. Marami pang pwedeng gawin, huwag basta susuko.

SPECIAL CHARACTERS Sa inyong relasyon maraming mga taong naging parte na at magiging parte pa ng inyong relasyon. Ibat-ibang ugali ang ipanapakita nila. May mga natutuwa, may mga kinikilig, may mga walang pakialam, may mga naiinggit, nagagalit, mga taong gusto kayong siraan, isa sa inyo ay gustong agawin at iba pa. Ibat-ibang tao na nagpa-anghang at nagpatamis ng inyong samahan. Sila ang mga espesyal na tao na nagtataglay ng ibat-ibang karakteristik. Ibat-iba ang ipinapakita sa inyo.

ARROW KEYS Kung ika'y nagmamahal dapat maging loyal ka. Don't look to the left or even look to the right. Wag ka nang maghanap ng iba pa, dahil wala nang mas hihgit pa sa iyong mahal kung alam mong siya niya ang nakatadhana. Kapag ika'y lugmok, arrow up lang nakikinig ang Diyos. At kung kailangang magpakumbaba, arrow down your mood.

NUMBER KEYS Marami ring mga memorable dates ang masarap balik-balikan. Mga specila dates such as monthsaries, lunarsaries, daysaries (Yes, limang araw na kaming mag-syota) at mga anniversaries. Ang date ng una ninyong pagkikita, at date nung nakatanggap ka ng oo mula sa nililigawan mo. Mga dates kung saan naging parte na ng buhay ninyo. Mananatili itong nakatatak sa puso't isipan magpakailanman. Isa pa, ang numero ay mula sa 1 patungo sa 10, nawa'y alam natin ang dapat i-prioritize kapag tayo ay committed na. Dapat unahin ang mga bagay na mas alam mong magdudulot ng kagandahang loob sayo.

FUNCTION KEYS Hindi madali ang magmahal. Kaakibat nito ang mga pagsubok at mga responsibilidad. Hindi ka lang basta magmamahal lang, dapat mong isipin ang magiging functions mo. Dapat di ka lang niya BF/GF, dapat maging bespren o parang kapamilya na. Alam mo rin kung saan mo ilulugar ang iyong sarili. You should use your functions well.

PRINT Marami sa atin ang nagtatago ng mga love letters o anu pang regalo ng ating mga minamahal. Ang iba nakuha pang ipa-print ang mga memorable pictures nila together.

BREAK Hindi lahat ng relationship ay successful. Meron ding sablay. Minsan kailangan nating tapusin na di na karapat-dapat pausbungin. Kapag di na ka masaya, take a break, and save yourself. Break muna, kasi kapag ipinagpatuloy mo ito mas lalo kang masasaktan. Natural lang ang ganitong pangayayri, di ka naman matuto kung parati nalang permanente ang nakakasama mo.

END Tapusin na ang dapat tapusin. PUT AN END ON IT. Wag na patagalin pa kung wala naman ding patutunguhan pa. Masakit man pero wala nang mas sasakit pa kung malaman niyong naglolokohan lang naman pala kayo sa nararamdaman niyo. Kill the fire that burns your weary heart. Wag kang magpatali sa pag-ibig na di sigurado. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

HOME Wala nang mas sasarap pa sa pagmamahal na magmumula sa iyong tahanan--- sa iyong Nanay, Tatay, at mga kapatid. Nasaktan ka man sa iyong irog, wag kang mag-alala dahil andyan naman ang iyong pamilya na hindi nagbabago at paulit-ulit kang tatanggapin kahit ilang beses ka mang masaktan o ilang beses ka mang magkamali sa buhay.

After moving on for how many days, weeks, months or years dapat open ka parin sa sa posibilidad na magmahal muli. Alam kong marami pang mahahanap na---

ALTERNATE Wag kang matakot na magmahal muli. Get love and be hurt para kapag nakita mo na yung taong para sayo eh alam mo na ang gagawin mo. Wag kang matakot na masaktan, rekado yan sa pagmamahal. Mapait man o maalat ang iyong nakaraan, siguradong papalitan ito ng tamis ng kung sino man ang iyong mahahanap. Wag kang matakot na laitin ng iba, di naman sila ang nagmamahal diba? Maghanap ka ang taong kayang makibagay sa mundo mo at taong kaya mong makipag-sabayan. Yung tipong Superman mo o Catwoman mo. Yung kaya kang tanggapin anu ka man, o anung kaya niyang gawin para sayo.

Marami talagang nagagawa ang pag-ibig. Binabago tayo nito. At higit sa lahat mas marami tayong natututunan na bagay-bagay na pwedeng magamit at pwedeng ibahagi sa iba.

Sa pangkalahatan, anung utos man ang gustong ipagawa sayo ng tadhana para sa pag-ibig, harapin mo ito. Ika nga, "There's no harm in trying."

IKAW? Paano mo gagamitin ang keyboard ng buhay mo?

The Love Encoder,

na-LSS ka na ba?

Are you suffering the apprehensive "Last Song Syndrome?"

I DEFINITELY do! Parati kong kinakanta ang huling kantang napakinggan ko---

Sometimes, I stupidly tuned into a so-so FM before going to work and had Bruno Mar's 'Today my Life Begins' playing over and over again, then I suddenly realized that I've been singing it for the entire shift in our call floor. Addict. They are all chuckling. I passed by agents and they're all staring at me and some even gave me a fearful snob. The h*ll I care?! I just wanna embrace music.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone blah blah blah..." kanta ng Aleng katabi ko sa Internet shop.Ilang beses nya itong inuulit-ulit. Wala na ba siyang kayang kantahin? Sa tantya ko eh mga nasa Kwarenta na siguro siya. Gulat din ako kasi busy siya sa Farmville niya. Tingnan mo nga naman, maraming nainspire kay Lola Techy. Si Ale eh maka-Taylor Swift, siguro eh hinahanap pa niya ang kanyang Romeo. (Grin*)

LSS also known as Last Song Syndrome.

Ayon kay Boss UrbanDictionary,  ito ay ang pakikinig ng musika bago umalis ng bahay at yun tumatak sa iyong isipan kahit san ka mapunta, anu man ang gawin mo. Sinunsundan nito ng matindi at cute na humming. Ang syndrome na ito ay sinasabing nakakatakot because the song happens to be the most pathetic, crappy, albeit catchy song ever. And, when you end up singing random songs that you last heard whether you like the song or not.

Matagal ko nang gustong gumawa ng artikulo na tungkol dito. Di ko lang alam pano simulan. Pasalamat ako sa Aleng paulit-ulit na kinakanta ang LOVE Story by Taylor Swift.  lols.

Minsan wala kang idea kung san to nanggaling, narining mo ba to sa dyip kanina na sinakyan mo papuntang work, o dun ba sa bar na nadaan mo? Di mo nalang mamalayan, paulit-ulit mo na itong kinakanta, hina-hum, kinakanta, hina-hum, kinakanta, hina-hum ng walang katapusan.

Is it really contagious?

Scene in the center after every Amy's call:

Amy: Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin blah blah blah...
Thor: AGAIN? For how many times?

After an hour

Thor: Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin, wag lang ang aking mahal blah blah blah...
Amy: Nadapuan ng sakit? Ginaya? Ginagaya?

Hahaha. I just realized nakakahawa rin pala minsan. Di mo nalang mamamalayan sabay na kayong kumakanta nung kanta paulit-ulit niyong kinakanta.

IKAW? na-LSS ka na ba?

Martes, Nobyembre 15, 2011

Ang BUHAY ay parang isang TSINELAS

Ilan sa mga magagandang karakteristik ng tsinelas ay ang katangiang pwedeng ibagay sa lahat, pwedeng dalhin kahit saan at kahit sino pwedeng gumamit nito, bata o matanda, mahirap o mayaman, tambay o propesyonal atbp.

The newest pair of HAVS I had, I am a BROWN lover.

"Havaianas, Ipanema, Spartan, Beach Walk, Islander, Fila, Adidas, Puma, Reva, "Havananas", "Havan", at marami pang iba." Maraming brand ang tsinelas. May mga mamahalin, meron yung kayang-kaya ng bulsa at meron yung tamang-tama lang ang presyo. Ganyan din tayong mga tao. May ibat-ibang pananaw at ibat-ibang katayuan sa buhay. May mga taong ang biyaya'y umaapaw, meron yung ayos lang at meron yung ipinagkaitan ng kaswertihan sa buhay. May pamilyang mayayaman, merong pangkatamtaman lang at merong dukha na talaga. IKAW? Anung brand ng tsinelas ka?

"Dilaw, Puti, Asul. Berde, Tsokolate, Itim, Pula, Dalandanan, Multi-colored at marami pang iba." Maraming mga kulay na pwedeng pagpilian. Meron din yung sobrang makulay talaga. Meron yung matitingkad ang kulay, meron din yung mainam sa mata at meron din yung walang kabagay-bagay ang kulay kapag sinuot na.Ganyan din tayong mga tao--- ibat-ibang kulay ang ipinapakita natin sa kapwa. Ibat-ibang katangian na nababanaag sa ating mga sarili. Minsan tayo'y mabait, minsan nama'y parang walang pakialam sa mundo. Minsan masumpungin at minsan ay sira ulo. Tulad ng makukulay na tsinelas, ang budhi natin ay may ibat-ibat kulay. IKAW? Anung kulay ng tsinelas ka?

"Pwede sa daan, pwede sa school, sa beach, sa opisinam pwede din sa mall, sa kalye, pwede sa bundok at pwede kahit saan." Yan ang pinagusto ko sa tsinelas--- pwedeng gamitin kahit saan. Pwede sa maayos na daan, pwede rin sa putikan. Pwede sa bahay, pwede ring ilabas ng bahay. Ganyan din tayong mga tao--- nababagay kahit saan. Pwedeng makisalamuha kahit kanino. Pwedeng ipakita kung ano tayo, mapapamilya, kaibigan, katrabaho, kainuman, kaparty-party, kachat, katextmate, kaFB o kaTweeter at kanino pa man. Pwedeng ipakita kung sino ang totoong tayo, kahit saan kahit kailan. IKAW? Tsinelas kang pwede saan?

"May hugis isda, hugis alimango, hugis puso, merong malaki, maliit, meron din yung natural na hugis at laki lang." Tama! Marami na tayong nakikita ngayon na ibat-ibang istilo ng tsinelas sa mall at bahay-pamilihan. Meron yung mabigat, meron ding magaan. Sa panlabas na anyo ng tao, meron ding ibat-ibang hugis. Meron yung malobo, lumba-lumba, merong coca-cola body, meron yung katawa'y parang posporo lang din ang payat. Pero kapag ihahalintulad o ikukumpara sa panloob na anyo. Ganyan din tayong mga tao--- Meron ang mga pangarap eh mas mataas pa sa Eiffel Tower, merong ang pag-iisip ay parang nakaabot na sa ibang planeta (matindi), merong mag-isip na akala mo'y nabuhay na nung mga unang dekada, may mga taong ang utak eh sinlaki ng angkin ng Pandaca Pigmea. Tayo'y may ibat-ibang hugis at hulma ng pananaw at pag-iisip. May mga makurba at meron ding plain lang. IKAW? Anung hugis kang tsinelas ka?

"Ang tsinelas ay pwedeng labhan para kunyari bago ulit." TUMPAK! Minsan kailangan din nating ibalik sa dating anyo at kulay ang ating tsinelas. Mainam na labhan upang maging matingkad ulit ang kulay. Ganyan din tayong mga tao--- minsan kailangan narin nating magbago kung nailihis man tayo sa maling landas. Kung ang budhi mo'y sing-itim pa ng uling, eh pasabunan mo na. Kung minsa'y nawawalan tayo ng pag-asa, tumingala lang at manalangin. At kung minsa'y iniisip nating pinagtakpan na tayo ng langit, ngumiti at lumabang muli. IKAW? Tsinelas ka bang handang masabunan upang tumigkad muli?

Ilan lang yan sa mga katangiang taglay ng tsinelas. Anung brand o hugis mang tsinelas ka ang importante eh marunong makibagay sa iyong kapwa. Matingkad man o maitim ang kulay mo, ang importante'y handa kang magbago para sa ikabubuti mo. At kahit na anung mangyari--- handa ka paring magpagamit sa iba, lalu na sa DIYOS.

Oh ikaw? Anung klaseng TSINELAS ka?

Ang Manlalakbay,


Life is not life if without any stressors, rushing periods, interruptions, worries, sense of anxiety and discomfort, resentment, melancholy, dark moods, lack of patience, scarcity in your everyday needs and so much more. Life cannot be called life without PROBLEMS.

I know that everyone of us are experiencing intricate or difficult problems today. We are bounded by challenges. And we are all prisoners in the so called "cage of dilemma." Sometimes we wanted to give up and say--- ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Scene 1: AT HOME

"Nak, why can't you be more like your Ate and Kuya?" We are always compared to our Ates and Kuyas who they thought are much better than us, and who they thought are role models. It makes us feel conscious of our actuation when we're with our family. It's always hard to be aware of what we're acting in front of them. And we can't be ourselves. It feels like you can't go out of your cocoon and you cant spread your wings like a Skyline Pigeon. Its really hard.

"Nak, pasensya kana, away mag-asawa lang ito." Living with a worried mother or a depressed father can somehow affect us, their children. When we are always witnessing repeated scenes of conflict and arguments of our parents, it hurts and kills us much.

"You should be here before 6PM or 6PM sharp." It's not that our parents are anti-social.It's just that they don't want us to party till dawn or to stroll in a "where-should-we-go place." Or maybe they are used to it or they've experienced it before from our grandparents. That why they say, "Kung ano ang puno, siya rin ang bunga," The bad thing about this cliche is that what people see in your parents, they should always see it within you. If you're parents aren't good at them, for sure they will think that you're also like your parents. Pretty words are not always true, and true words are not always pretty.

Scene 2: AT SCHOOL

"Im giving you 3 days to comply all your requirements. I will not sign your clearance if you can't pass it on time." I know all of us experienced this scenario in our respective institutions. We are given a short span of time to comply all our uncountable requirements. Akala kasi ni Ser o ni Mem eh isa lang subject natin. We Filipinos are great procrastinator. We are always cramming up to the last minute.

" No clearance, no exam permit, no exam." How many promissory notes have you written before? I bet a hundred times. I've tried this one during my high school years. I mean I've tried this how many times. We're not a privileged family, we're just in a so-so classification. So for me not be late in taking exams, I am always rushing to the Registrar's Office to again ask for their permission to let me take the exam. Funny thing, I can even enumerate how may tables and chairs are there in the office and where can I see the portrait of the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Thank God, I finished High School with flying colors. I had an epiphany that if you really strive hard, let not poverty hinder your way to success and if you aim high, you'll surely reach and hit the mark up to its zenith.

"I need you manuscripts tomorrow morning, you can leave it in my office." Feels like I wanna vomit when I hear those words from my thesis adviser. It's like she's inflicting corporal punishment in me. We can't really escape from it. Or else I'll not receive my degree diploma without the most expensive yet thinnest book I ever had. Why did I say expensive? --- because I've revised it for the nth time before I was able to produced a good output.

Scene 3: AT WORK

"Did you reached the Quota?" This has been the novena of every boss who wants his subordinates to be productive in all undertakings. We are always motivated by our boss to work under pressure and to strive with nerves. Well, sometimes our best wasn't good enough. One thing, they wanted to squeeze us to be more pragmatic and to be more resourceful.

"What happened with my schedule? Does it mean I need to work 12 hours a day? OHMAYGADD!" We are again discombobulated with factors like change of schedule, change of time-in or change in OT schedules which leads to confusion. Another factor is, you're not in good terms with your supervisor or with one of your teammate. Truly, there are changes in your daily work routine because of the changes made by the company your connected to.

[At call centers]
"Honey I can't hear you. Can you talk a lil bit louder?" This is my problem every shift. Customers who are deaf and who can't understand us. It makes me irate and it touches my ego. I hate repeating information over and over again. I am already talking up to the edge of my lungs and yet they can't hear us. Back-Off! Call Back!

Scene 4: AT CHURCH

"Kringgg.Kringgg. Kringgg." (Mobile ringing). It is prevalent and will always be an issue inside the church. Are we going to church because we are told to do so or we are obligated by our parents? Some are texting or most of the people especially teens are playing with their phones when they're bored or even in the homily. Isn't it, its a time for us to celebrate the Goodness and Greatness of God on those holy hours? Why can't we reprimand ourselves?

Sometimes we are contented of going to church without even knowing its real essence. Are we going to church because our friends are with us? We should know the reason why we go to church and what is the real Church.

Whatever your problem is, don't forget to pray without ceasing. Problems are never ending aspects in person's life cycle. These are agents why we are still surviving and reasons why we keep on fighting. Conundrum is a never process. Face it and do your best.

Enjoy the rest of the day. God bless readers (kung meron man. lols)

Heartily posted by,


--- this poem is heartily dedicated to Ms. May Tejeda. Get love and be hurt.

For how many months I've been an illicit lover of yours
I'm waking up early just to see if you're on the other door
They tagged me a lazy frog for skipping chores
Well, all I wanted is to walk with you up to the shore

I've been concealing with this unlawful love I felt
When I see you passing by my way I feel like I was about to melt
I'm praying that you're an angel God sent
My time to you I will forever spent

Sometimes I've been smiling with no reasons at all
I'm filled with apprehensions that to you I will surely fall
I'm attracted, I don't wanna dwindle, I shouldn't pall
I wanna scream what I'm feeling now, I wanna squall

Your eyes are hazelnuts assembled in your handsome face
You handled every situation with finesse and grace
I'm just happy when you're around cause we're in the same place
My mind is yelling and, neurons are playing in a maze

I've been hiding this feeling for how many months until this very day
I'm always glancing and peeping on you when I pass by the center way
To be with you in a single day, that's what I pray
"I've got a crush on you"--- above all the words I wanna say

You're not that good-looking but there's in you that I love
Everyday and every night I feel like I'm soaring like a dove
I'm not careless, I'm not rough but I really like to shove
My illegitimate love for you, that's what I take care of

If you happen to read this letter of affection
Don't hesitate to approach me, I'm ready for any communication
Well, I'm just a rep taking orders for Collections
Oh BOY! Just look at me on the other side of intersection

With love,

Martes, Nobyembre 01, 2011

Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead

In the Philippines, its been tagged as Araw ng mga Patay or Day of the Dead, Undas or Todos Los Santos.

No candle to light on. No flowers to offer. No food to celebrate God's goodness to our relatives who were with our father's arms. No hugs and kisses from my family and friends. No Halloween parties to attend to. Its just me. Only me.

Credits to
It's been 2 consecutive years that I didn't celebrate this annual celebration with my family. I'm all alone. I'm in solitude. My mother forced me to go home and be with them but the sad thing is, its not my off and I don't wanna file a leave since I already have 3 days unpaid leaves. I was again jealous with my cousins, they're all present in my Tita's place. They even called me to let me envy them. Sigh* Well that's life, sometimes we need to face the reality. Reality that not all the time we are given the chance to celebrate it with them. Living a life independently entails a lot of effort and sacrifices. Effort to live life the way you want it to be. And sacrifices of being alone in combating battles and prejudices of life.

That's really LIFE. We need to face it and we should not turn our backs on it. We need to embrace it.

The annual celebration has been the tradition of every Filipino folk. They are going to cemeteries to visit their dead loved ones who were already enjoying the real paradise. People are very busy in the street going to the cemetery. Some are bringing foods and even liquors. Some are even partying. Does it mean that the celebration is no longer solemn? I believe cause its almost a festival for them and and more of a family reunion genre. Most of the tombs of the dead loved ones are decorated with flowers and candles by their families. In contrary, some would question why Filipinos are celebrating it in a joyous way, its because we people are happy people. It doesn't mean that we are happy because they passed. We are happy, its because we are pretty sure that our dead loved ones are already enjoying the real happiness in heaven.

In some places, they're celebrating it with a twist. I heard from a friend that in General Santos City, they're celebrating this memorable occasion by putting up disco boxes and party lights. In some areas in Davao City, they're also grooving to the beat of the sound. Well, does it mean that we need to enjoy the moment? Maybe partly yes.

Whatever you do, or how you celebrate it, the important thing is they're not forgotten. Offer prayers for them and always make them special by doing the things that will make them happy.

Some were given two days off to go home and celebrate it with their families. Some are glued in their respective work places. Good thing, they're compensated with a special rate of wage.

This special day for our departed loved ones is a day to commemorate and reflect that even if they already passed away, their memories will always linger in our hearts for a lifetime. 

Happy First Of November. Happy All Saints Day. Happy All Souls Day. Happy Halloween.



Huwebes, Oktubre 27, 2011


22 Things You Must Know About Me

  1. I read novels and short stories VORACIOUSLY. My favorite authors are Danielle Steel Linda Howard and Luanne Rice which are obviously girls. I love the way they tickle my heart.
  2. PET PEEVES: I hate PINEAPPLES on my pizza and tomatoes on my burger. I'm a cheese lover.
  3. Most of the time I watched movies on the big screen ALONE. I hate to invite friends, they're sometimes distractions.
  4. I go crazy over TAGALOG Movies. I'd rather watched Filipino-theme movies than foreign movies. I am superb Jologs.
  5. A COCKROACH can let me dance and scream. I'm afraid with that brown-winged creature. GROSS!
  6. I like SPONGEBOB Squarepants.
  7. If given the chance to be baptize again with a different name, I'd change it with "HARRY" or "JUSTINE."
  8. Julie Anne San Jose  is my ULTIMATE crush. Sorry ELMO. Peace out :p
  9. I'm getting one year older every 9th day of JULY.
  10. I am a frustrated writer. I am always motivated by the saying " If you want to be a writer, then WRITE." If I don't have work, I woke up 4am to write, write and write.
  11. I do puffed CIGARS but I'm not a chain smoker.
  12. I'm a COFFEE Addict. 
  13. I'm afraid of this number [13]. Maybe because most of us believed that its bad luck.
  14. I bring mirror wherever I go. I put it in my pant's back pocket.
  15. I'm such an OC person! After washing my clothes, I hang them according to color preferences. From the dark colored clothes to a lighter one. I always sweep the floor when I'm alone, can't count how many times I keep on doing it. And I'm always checking the door if its locked or not. I'm doing it over and over again even if Im sure that it was already locked. 
  16. The age when I realized that I'm really GAY. I was sixteen then...
  17. I am an adventurous person. The jack of all trades--- i love out of town trips. I like mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. I like to swim and bond with nature by taking countless photos. Simply, i'm a NATURALIST.
  18. At home, I'm wearing panties. Panties are much comfortable than briefs. YIKES!
  19. I passed by Bianca Gonzales' blog everyday. She inspired me to start blogging again. [Im really blogging during my college years]
  20. I'm a pure blooded Ilocano but I don't know how to save. Lols
  21. My greatest dream is to be a flight attendant. I'm not tall and not good looking. It'll forever remain as one of my frustrations.
  22. Now, I'm 22 years of age, immature and an ambitious person.
That's THOR. That's SIMPLY ME :D


It was a poem written during my college days for all the LOKALISTA members headed by Carl Anthony Tagaro.

Ako'y napatanong------- Ano nga ba ang Lokalista?
Nagmasid, nag-isip, nawindang at nawerla;
Naguluhan, litung-lito, nangulit at naalarma
Kung bakit bukam-bibig ni Pepe't Ana

Sinubukang magpa-rehistro sa nasabing web address
Triple dobolyu dot lokalista dot org- as easy as this!
Walang kahirap-hirap, twas really the best,
Uh'oh instant member, with matching smile on my fes[face]

Naging pala-isipan sa akin kung anong gagawin ko
Tinanong ang sarili. Paano nga ba 'to?
Walang magawa at nag-eksperimento
At di nagtagal ako'y natuto

Iba't ibang topic ang pinag-uusapan
Sa forum binibigyang ideya, pinagdedebatihan
Oh! Ika'y mag-ingat.. Wag na wag mag-spam
Lagot ka sa Moderator, baka ika'y mabanned

Hanep kung mag-post ang lahat ng miyembro
Dinadaan sa Inglesan, sa tagalong maging sariling dialekto
Wag ka! Dahil dito sa Lokalista
Nagkakaintindihan ang bawat isa!

Mga miyembro'y magkakaiba
May matangkad, putot, payat at mataba
May mga singers, dancers, band members at artista
Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. Mga world-class kung pumorma

Wag magtaka kung bakit kami tinitingala (totoo nga ba?)
Dahil sa angkin naming talinu't ganda
Na kapag titiga'y sadyang matutunaw ka
At kapag nilapita'y mapapa-WOW kang talaga!

Di man namin kilala ang bawat isa
Alam naming isa lang ang hangarin ng barkada
Iyan ay ang magtulungan , sa lungkot at saya
Dahil dito sa Lokalista------- Magkakaroon ka ng instant ate't kuya
Isang masayang pamilya talaga

Parating isa-isip at isa-puso- LONG LIVE LOKALISTA!
Be a good example sa mga taong nakakasalamuha
Stay cool. Keep safe. Be different and keep on smiling
Cause in Lokalista--- You'll experience a TRUE BONDING!

Mula sa panulat ni,

CARPE DIEM: You have to seize the day

If you are no longer happy with what you're doing, you have to save yourself. Is it true? This is somewhat opinionated.

Partly, I am correct. Some would agree and some would argue.

These past few days, I've been so pre-occupied with a lot of things. I had so many questions and it can never be answerable by simply YES or NO. It needs a lot of justification. Sometimes, I've been questioning why life is so unfair? (Is it really unfair?) I know that everything has its own purpose and still I can't grasp it. I know the problem is with me. I looked at life in my own perspectives and ways. I defined life in my own descriptions which is a no-no. I should also look at life the way people see it.

I cry. I laugh. I scream and I love. I can do what a normal people can do. AM I ABNORMAL? Or am I insane? I've never been connected with what I have. I am always craving for more. I'm saddened cause I really don't know how to give importance to what I have right now. I don't even trust myself, my own capabilities and talents-- the WHOLE me. Exactly, I wanna be different just like others. I'm a jealous person.

Well, going back to the title--- one should know how to prioritize things in life. Give significance to things which you think can boost your self-esteem. Don't degrade your ownself. Be proud of it. You should be a goal-oriented person. And you should value every second of your life. Plus, you have to make it sure that your dreams are reachable. Don't dream like you'll gonna win the sweepstakes everyday. ACT TO MAKE IT REALISTIC. 

Furthermore, a successful individual should always seize every day of his/her life. Life is full of choices, so choose carefully.

Moreover, life is how we make it. There are a lot of opportunities in life, we should always be pragmatic and open-minded. If you say you can do it, then do it.

In addition, if you fail then you have to accept it with a big and smiling heart and move on. Life is like a YOYO, we encounter ups and downs. Its like karma that what goes around come around, and what goes up must come down. When you're on top, remember to give thanks. And when you feel like drowning and sinking just call His Mighty Name and He'll ready to rescue you.

And above all, we should be sure of what we're doing so that there are no regrets in the future. Seize everyday with a sharp mind. We should be emotionally and intellectually equipped with capsules of acceptance and tablets of good vibes. By these, everything will definitely follow.

This is not a farewell letter for my officemates. I am writing this letter the whole world know how lucky I am to have you guys. I met beautiful people like you. You helped me seize my days in my first job. I owe it all to you. You honed and developed me in becoming a better person today. I am now ready to combat new battles in life.

I am encouraging all young people to seize every opportunity the world could offer. If it knocks, then grab it vigorously. Don't hesitate to accept cause there's no really harm in trying.

This is it--- I'll be leaving Cybercity SOON, very soon. I wanna seize greater opportunities outside the center. I know its hard for me to bid goodbye, but I need to. My goodbye means " I need to go outside my cocoon and start to fly with my fully-armored wings." Till next Pizza Party, till next team building and till next Aux Party. I will surely miss you all. I'm leaving you guys, not because Im no longer happy, its just that there's a greater opportunity outside which I need to seize before it melts down. See you in the outside world. I am doing a voluntary exit. (Parang PBB lang ano?!)

To all my FRIENDS: " The day I met you was my favorite accident and even today I love those injuries."

With arms wide open,

Im gonna save my last dance for you

We're all bounded by an actuality that we should embrace and clasp marriage, so that when we're already old there's someone who could take care of us. Someone who could cook a breakfast for us, someone who can make us smile whenever we're sad, someone we can rely on in times of loneliness and grief, someone who will grow old with us, and someone who can offer the sweetest DANCE of a lifetime.

I am again terrorized and affrighted that at the age of 22, I don't yet have plans of getting married and who to marry with. Well, even courting a lady--- I never did it. I dunno why, maybe I'm still not motivated to do it.

Yes, I'm afraid of rejections. I'm afraid of hearing NOs. I am afraid of trying it.

I'm not into rush. But--- as I grow old, I'm afraid and frightened that no one could ever accept me for who I am and what can I sacrifice or offer.

I doubt--- I know that someday I'm gonna meet her and I'm gonna promise her that we'll be together in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and till death do we part.

We're living in a spherical world. What goes around, comes around, and what goes up must come down. That's life. We encounter a lot of people, we used to mingle with them, we exchanged digits and we eventually fall in love after how many days of courting.

At this young age, I'm not yet ready to raise a family. I am not yet determined to be the best father in this whole wide world. I'm no yet ready to shoulder all the responsibilities a "HALIGI ng TAHANAN" should bear. I know someday... It's not yet the right time since I've never see the right person for me.

To that Lucky girl, whoever you are, I'm gonna let you experience the sweetness of life. We may dance on rocky roads, but still I'm gonna bring you to a straight and smooth floor. I know that there are a lot of dancers who will offer their hands for a dance, don't worry I am always here ready to understand. We may dance together in the tune of a mellow and sad music, I'll assure you that I'm gonna teach you how to dance like the happy feet. We may lack supporters, but I'll promise you that I'll be you're forever FAN. Always remember, Im gonna save the last dance of my life for you.

Your Ultimate Dance Instructor,

isa akong PROUD na batang NINETIES

Napakasarap balikan ang mga ala-alang nagpangiti, nagpa-iyak, nagpagulo, at nang-inis sa atin nung ating kabataan at nagbigay kulay sa ating pagka-PINOY. Sama-sama nating sariwain ang mga bagay nung dekada nobenta---

FLASHBACK in tagalog BALIK-TANAW: Isa akong batang Nineties dahil...

MikMik: I so missed you!
  • Naranasan kong magbahay-bahayan kasama ng aking mga kababata gamit  ang maliit na lata ng Youngstown Sardines. Ang nakakatuwa eh puro gulay ang recipe dahil halaman lang naman ang pwedeng isalang sa kumukulong tubig sa loob ng maliit na lata. Halimbawa ng mga halamang kasali sa recipe--- dahon ng Golden Duranta, Bulaklak ng Gumamela at Santan, at kung anu-ano pang halaman na makikita sa hardin ni Inay. Di nga ba?
  • Nung ako'y nasa Kindergarten madalas akong pabaunan ni Inay ng MikMik, yun bang powdered Milk o Choco na may kasamang maliit na plastic straw. Kasama rin sa pabaon ni Inay ang Zest-O Tetra Pack in Orange and Strawberry flavor at ang sandwich na may palamang Star Margarine at asukal na ibinalot sa puting tissue na inilalagay sa Lunch Box. Lunch box na di naman pananghalian ang laman kundi pang-merienda dahil hanggang alas-diyes lang naman ng umaga ang klase sa day care ng barangay eh. 
  • TAMAGOTCHI: Nakakamiss lang!
  • Naranasan kong mangolekta ng KISSES, inilalagay sa pencil case na may cotton at pulbos. Tinutusok ng karayom dahil manganganak daw pag ginawa mo yun. 
  • Di na nakikinig ng klase nung Grade 3 ako, kasi sa TAMAGOTCHI nalang nakatutok, baka kasi mamatay eh, sayang din. Mamahalin pa naman--- ilang baldeng luha ang ang ipinalabas ko, magkaroon lang ako nyan.
  • Isa ako sa mga nagtanong kung nakakalasing ba ang "CALI."
  • Nangongolekta ako HOLENS/JOLENS. 
  • Nag-aabang araw-araw sa Coca-Cola panel upang ipagpalit ang mga naipong tansan sa "POGS."
  • Marami akong naipong singsing mula sa Kending Pampinoy, ang BOBOT.
    BOBOT: Wonder Pinoy Kendi
  • May BRICK GAME din ako nun. Ang pinakapaborito ko eh katumbas ng TETRIS ngayon sa FACEBOOK.
  • Sinubaybayan ang ibat-ibang palabas sa TiBi: Anna karenina, Esperanza, Mula sa Puso nila Claudine B.,Gimik, Home A long Da Riles, Ipaglaban Mo (Atty. Sison), Kakabakaba, Kaya ni Mister Kaya ni Misis, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Marimar, Mara Clara nila Judy Ann at Gladys, Okatokat, Okidokidok, Sineskwela, Hirayamanawari, Bayani, Super-Laff-In, Tabing Ilog at marami pang iba.
BRICK GAME: Buhay ka pa ba?
  • Mahilig din ako sa mga TEX nun, tatandaan ko eh mga Dragonball Z, Ghost Fighter, at Power Rangers mga tex ko nun eh.
  • Sumakit din ang panga ko sa Bazooka--- ang walang kasintigas na bubble gum.
  • May Pellet Gun din ako nun, neon colors mga bala.
  • Naglalaro ng WATUSI, nabibili ng tingi-tingi sa tindahan. Ayos ang sparks nito.
  • May sapatos din ako nung kabataan ko na umiilaw ang swelas, iba pa yng tumutunog. Kaya lang parati kong gamit kaya naubos agad battery, ang masaklap pa eh di mo napapalitan battery.
  • Inu-uto rin ako ng Nanay at Tatay ko nun, may lalabas daw na kanin sa sugat ko kapag di ko ito hinugasan gamit ang Alcohol o Betadine.
  • Isa akong batang palaboy sa kalye na nakikipaglaro ng 10-20, Chinese Garter, Jackstone, Langit Lupa, Luksong Tinik/Baka, Doktor Kwak-Kwak, Tumbang Preso atbp. Isa din akong uhuging bata, kaya lagi akong may dalang GOOD MORNING Towel.
    Meron pa ba nito? GM Towel---
  • Araw-araw na nagpapaluto ng Maggi Noodles kay Nanay kasi may Free stickers ng Disney lalu na yung kay ALADDIN! Puno yung kwarto ko nun ng ganun. 
  • Dahil kapos sa pera, imbes na gameboy ang nilalaro eh yung laruan na may tubig sa loob tapos dapat ma-shoot mo yung mga maliliit na bilog sa stick na maliit. Ang nakakainis pa dun eh, napuno mo na yung mga stick eh may natira pang mga maliliit na bilog. Sigh*
  • Nung elementary ako puro artista ang cover ng mga kwaderno ko. Tinatanggal pa ang spring. Tinatahi yun ni Nanay gamit ang makukulay ng ball threads saka babalutin ng acetate. 
  • Nagkaroon din ako ng Cellphone na may Sungay nung Grade 5 ako. Unang telepono ko nun eh 5110, tapos lumevel-up naging 3310. Hanggang sa lumevel-up ng todo. 
  • Naging Idol ko WESTLIFE at A1. Natuwa rin sa Spice Girls. 
  • Favorite Song ko nun eh JUBILEE Song. Perfect ko exam na fill in the blanks nung lyrics nung kanta. Memoryado ko rin pati aksyon.
---- At marami pang iba,

Ilan lamang ito sa mga nagpasaya sa akin nung kabataan ko. Isa lamang indikasyon na ang mga bagay at pangyayaring ito ay minsan naring humubog sa ating pagkatao at sa kung ano tayo ngayon. Laging tandaan--- huwag makalimot sa nakaraan, laging itong itatak sa puso't isipan. 

Mula sa PROUD na batang 90s,

Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2011

I love ME, MYSELF and I

"Pag-ibig ang siyang buklod natin di mapapawi kailan pa man." Linya ng kantang namumutawi sa puso't isipan ng bawat isa. Naging bukam-bibig ng mga binatilyong nais makamit ang matamis na OO ni Neneng na may gatas pa sa labi. Pag-ibig nga naman; naging almusal, pananghalian at panghapunan na ng lahat. Minsan eh nagiging pang-himagas pa ng mga taong busog sa pagmamahal. Mapapansin nating ito'y naririnig kahit saan. Sa jeepney, sa sakayan ng bus, sa mga tindahan, kay Aleng nagbebenta ng patingi-tinging yosi, sa mga magsyotang pagala-gala sa daan, sa baklang nagbebenta ng laman. Harujowsko! Kahit san nga naman, pag-ibig lang ang idinadaing. Laman ng mga artikulo sa dyaryo at magasin. Inihahagulgol ng Aleng uhaw sa pagmamahal ng asawang tunaw na ang atay dahil sa alak, ini-iiyak ng dalagang kinaliwa ng syotang mahilig makipag-textmate, usap-usapan ng mga kalbong barbero sa kanto na ang balbas eh sintaas ng trapiko sa EDSA, at adhikain ng mundong magulo, ng mundong naghihintay ng katapusan [2012], adhikain ni Juan Dela Cruz na nag-aabang ng konsert ni Gary V, adhikain nating lahat!

San-saan na nakarating ang aking likidong walang tinta. Kay payak ng topiko eh di man lang matarok. Oops! Sa dinami-dami ba naman ng pwedeng talakayin eh PAG-IBIG pa! Aling pag-ibig pa? Wala na nga wala!

Maiba tayo, diba Pag-ibig ang dahilan bakit ipinadala ng ating AMA ang kanyang BUGTONG na ANAK na si JESUS CHRIST upang tayo'y tubusin sa Mala-Payatas na basura ng Kasalanan? Kung mabubuti ba ang mga tao noon eh ipapadala pa kaya niya si JC? Naitanong ko rin naman ito sa sarili ko. Kung kasalanan man lang ang dahilan kung bakit ipinadala ng Ama si JC eh anu pang ginagawa niyo? Oh hala, magkasala na ang magkasala. Malay mo may second coming si JC bago mag 2012. Loko lang, binobola ko lang kayo. Pinapaisip ko lang ang inosente niyong isipan.

Bago pa malihis ang ating landas, simulan na natin ang talakayan. Samahan niyo ako--- pagsaluhan natin ang tinapay with tinapa fillings, sabayan narin ng kapeng mainit [3in1 Creamy Brown Coffee parang Coco M. lang noh?!] at sabay-sabay nating hithitin ang sigarilyong mag-isang linggo na sa aking bulsa.

Teka at naging masanga na naman ang aking dila. Pakinggan muna natin ang ulat mula kay Veeeenaaaaaaaaaa [hinga] Araneta. Pasok. Vina nga naman, naku oo!

Kunwari eh nasa shooting tayo ng THE BUZZ...

Tito Boy: Maja, ikaw ba ang dahilan ng awayang Coco-Matteo?
Maja: [Iyak, iyak at iyak] Titoooo.... Boooy.... Huhuhuhuhu T.T
Tito Boy: Nirerespeto namin ang iyong pananahimik. Pero isang katanungan na lamang Maja. Ikaw nga ba ang dahilan ng alitan ng dalawa?
Maja: Opo... Huhuhuhuhu... Ako po Tito Boy.

Keetams! Nang dahil sa pag-ibig sa dalaga eh nag-away ang dalawa.

Tama na ang tsismisan, masyado ata tayong showbiz ngayon.

Well, umpisahan na ang dapat umpisahan---

PAG-IBIG--- Anu nga ba ang unang pumapasok sa ating utak kapag naririnig natin ang nakakasukang salitang ito?

Marami naring manunulat ang nakapag-lathala ng mga artikulo patungkol sa pag-ibig. Iba-iba ang kanilang mga opinyon. May mga patungkol sa mag-syota, mag-asawa, sa bayang sinilangan o kung anu pa. Marami nga talagang lumalabas sa aking sistema. Nais kong ibahagi ang tungkol sa pag-ibig para sa SARILI.

Minsan sa dinami-dami ng ating mga responsibilidad sa buhay nakakalimutan na natin ang ating sarili. Namumuhay kasi tayo sa kasabihang "BAYAN MUNA BAGO SARILI." Sus, kumusta ka naman? Minsan mas inu-una pa natin ang mga bagay-bagay para sa iab. Anu ka bayani? Hindi naman masamang iabot ang kamay para sa kapwa, pero huwag 'yong sobra-sobra. Isipin mo rin minsan ang iyong sarili. Tingnan mo--- ilang tigyawat na ang nag-uunahan sa paglabas sa mukha mo? Ilang dry hair meron ka o mabunga na naman ang buhok mo oh? [Ipa-harvest na yan] Ilang listahan na nang utang ang napuno mo? Ilang part-time jobs meron ka? Tingnan mo tuloy di mo na kilala sarili mo o di mo na mamukhaan sarili mo sa salamin. Di mo na maalagaan sarili mo.

TAMA KA! Nagtatrabaho ka kasi gusto mo ibili ng bahay at lote ang Nanay mo, gusto mong ibili ng magarang sasakyan ang Tatay mo, gusto mong ipag-shopping ang mga kapatid mo--- o ikaw anu pang natira sayo?

Maging selfish ka rin minsan! Minsan lang naman eh. Bakit di mo subukang magpa-Davids Salon? O magpa facial o foot spa? O di kaya'y ibili ang sarili ng RT Ticket papuntang HK nang ika'y makapag-bakasyon? Dude, di masamang pagbigyan mo rin ang sarili mo.

Tingnan mo, paulit-ulit nalang yang suot mo. Memoryado na nga ng mga ka-officemate mo ang kulay ng mga damit mo eh. Isa pa, yang sapatos mo. Gamit mo pa ata nung kolehiyo ka eh. Ipag-shopping mo rin minsan ang sarili mo. Di ka ba naaawa sa sarili mo? Minsanan lang naman, huwag yung sobra-sobra.

Eto pa, nakakalimutan mo natring kumain. Ang isang typikal na Pinoy eh tatlong beses kumakain sa isang araw, di pa kasali ang snack time. Nakakaligtaan mo na eh. Subsob sa trabaho? Kumusta naman ang kalusugan mo? Health is Wealth ika nga diba? Alagaan mo rin sarili mo.

Higit sa lahat, nakakalimutan mo nang dalawin si Bro. Nagseselos na yun sa girlpren o boypren mo. Magtira ka naman ng oras para sa kanya. Paano mo matutupad lahat ng mga pangarap mo kung hindi siya ang kasama mo sa pagtupad nito? Alalahanin--- naghihintay ang Diyos sa bahay-dasalan, 24/7 yan. Dalawin mo kung may time ka. Mas mainam paring mamuhay kasama siya dahil ang tunay na yaman ay ang mamuhay kapiling siya. "Diyos ang tunay na Pag-Ibig."

Kaibigan, matuto tayong mahalin ang mga taong nakapaligid sa atin at higit sa lahat ang sarili dahil sa sarili nagsisimula ang lahat ng ito. Paano mo matutunang mahalin ang iyong kapwa kung sa sarili di mo man lang magawa? Umpisahan sa sarili, bago ito ipamahagi.

I love ME! Only ME! Bago ang Mara-ME!

P.S Ang paala-alang ito ay hatid sa inyo ng Baygon Katol. Sa isang rolyo lang, dedbol kang lamok ka.

Mula Sa Pag-ibig Sa Tinubuang Lupa,
Andres Bonfacio este THOR


Am I really the father of your son? OHMAYGAD!

Its been almost three months since I heard the news about me being the cause of the pregnancy of this "who-the-girl-she-is." It kills me much. Everybody knows that I am such a reserved person and I seldom share my experiences about my love life. I dunno how to explain to my family since I'm not living with them right now. I mean, I can't explain to them personally. The issue sprouted when I posted something on my FACEBOOK wall about this girl crush of mine. I am attracted to her that's why I've been posting fraud statements about this controversial girl. I used to like her because of her sweet smiles, hazelnut eyes and her angelic voice. And, I've been posting statements like getting married with her and highlighted the word "VERY SOON." Here comes a young lady with "sanga-sangang dila" who keeps on viewing my profile. Bad thing, TSINISMIS niya ito. It's been the hottest issue our place. As I can still remember, its been the box-office chika in our place and take note it lasted for a month. JESUS! How will I do that silly act? Am I really thirsty of the so-called SEX? Come to think of it. I've been working in graveyard shift and I don't even have a time to pamper myself. Did I post something wrong or it's you who didn't understand my posts? Girl, you have to be meticulous and you have to scrutinize what I'm posting. You somehow ruined my silence. You should have chosen the right word.You don't even know me, just my name-- so don't fabricate issues. You're not even a writer or a reporter. I'm not into show business as well. So, you have to think twice before doing the act.

I was alarmed when I received a phone call from my mother. She asked me if the news was true or not. I asked her, "What news Ma?." She answered, "Its been two weeks already that the news has been circulating here. Tell us the truth." "What truth Mama? What are you talking about?." She laughed and I grinned. I figured it out immediately. "Ah... I know already what are you talking about. Me being the cause of a girl's pregnancy?." I laughed out loud. "Ma, you know me right?." Mama answered back, "Just tell us how true it is, we're not angry. Me and your Papa will be happy if that news is really true. We'll arrange the wedding right away." I laughed for the nth time and said, "Ma, I never had a chance to meet the girl they're talking about. And I never had an intercourse with a girl as far as I could remember. The truth is, I posted something on my FB wall blah blah blah.

Whispering to myself, "I never had a one-night tryst with a lady. How? Why? When? Where? So many questions---  The conversation ended when I said to her that I'm going home the following week to vindicate to her my side regarding the rumor. I was puzzled and I said to myself "la la la... my mother will be happy if it came into reality, much more with my father." I know time will come I'm gonna marry the most beautiful girl and God is still busy writing the best love story for me. [Grin] GEEEZ!

My younger brother keeps on teasing me every time we see each other. " Ya, naunahan mo pa ako ha. Akalain mo mas chickboy ka pa sa akin." I just smiled and let him shut his mouth or else I'm gonna punch him BIGTIME.

With that growing rumor about me, a lot of my closest friends texted me and confirmed if it is really true. I just tell them, "You'll know it soon." They all tried to convince me, but I'm hard-headed. I never had the chance to tell it to them, cause I'm always diverting the topic into a much-talked topic.

You know what, even my long lost friend sent me a message in FB asking about the rumor. I was astonished, because of that rumor I finally got her contact number. (Thanks anyways to the issue maker) GOOD HEAVENS! I became the subject of their daily conversations, it only means that I'm above them. I'm already FAMOUS, I tried being in the hot seat. Jokeness (*.*)

I am sharing this one to you guys to let you and everyone know that we should not weave ideas/stories/rumors based on what we've heard or read. We should not make HASTY GENERALIZATION. Come to think if the news is 100% true, then you have the right to flaunt it. But if its 100% untrue, you should confirm it first before sharing it to others. With this, we can avoid arguments and we can build harmonious relationship with one another.

Moreover, in building rapport--- one should know how to tickle the person who you are talking with. One should not judge the person based on what they see. You should always bear in mind that understanding each others view and opinion is the best ingredient of a good companionship--- understand his/her niche and lifestyle. Offering ones shoulder to lean on when he/she needs it is the best example. Listen to what he/she is sharing and give a piece of advice.

In addition, in order for you not to tagged as "TSISMOSO o TSISMOSA", we should be aware of what stories we are sharing to our colleagues. Don't add or subtract words on their stories. It should be verbatim or en to to [Period to period]. And, we should always think what will be the consequences once we utter those words.

I hope that you'll be moved once you read this piece. There are ways to let yourself go and embrace the world--- EAT, PRAY and LOVE ♥.

Let's call it a day. God Bless readers.

With arms wide open,

Biyernes, Oktubre 21, 2011


Bilang pag-suporta sa patimpalak ni Ginoong Bulakbolero . Ito ang aking lahok--- Perstaym ko sumali.Yipeeee!

Photo taken by Lisly Mae Callino at Seagrass Resort, Garden Island City of Samal, Philippines

                         ... the GREATEST JUMP of my LIFE

Sa mundong ating ginagalawan, madalas narin tayong lumalagapak. Madalas tayong pinang-hihinaan ng loob at natatakot na lumabang muli. Wag matakot, taas noo at ibaon sa limot ang panahong tayo'y natumba. Tumalon at huwag kalimutang magpuri sa Panginoon.

Blog link entry:



At ako'y nagising mula sa isang mahimbing at matagal na tulog. [but of course its my day off today until sunday morning] Wari ko'y ako ay ipinaghehele ng mga anghel sa ulap dahil sa di man lang nakaramdam ng anumang gutom o di man lang nagising dahil sa maalinsangang panahon. Nang biglang nagulat dahil sa mga tunog sa tiyan na dulot ng matinding pagkagutom. Alas, tiyan ay napunan narin at lalamuna'y napa-agusan ng likidong nakakawala ng uhaw. Busog na ang Junior ni Nestor Senior. BURP! Nakapa-usok narin. Salamat sa dalawang stick ng Marlboro Black at sa tamis ng Pulang Maxx Candy [endorser?!].

Habang ako'y naglalakad sa kahabaan ng Buhangin at Bajada Road sa Siyudad ng Dabaw agad akong nagmuni-muni. Maraming mga bagay ang nais kong balikan, maraming mga bagay ang nais kong maisakatuparan muli, at maraming mga bagay ang nais kong limutin nalang at ibaon sa nakaraan. Agad akong napayuko, pansin ko mag-kaibang kulay pala ang tsinelas na aking suot. Isang kulay asul at isang kulay chokolate. Napangiti ako! Agad akong tumakbo pabalik ng bahay at pinalitan ang aking suot na tsinelas. JESUS! Siguradong marami ang napangiti sa akin, baka inakala nilang isa akong baliw na palaboy sa daan.

So much for that [Uy, nag-english] Teka, ano nga ba ang paksang gusto kong talakayin nagyong gabi? Ay umaga na pala. Isang matamis na Sabado ng umaga sa inyo mga giliw kong takapag-basa. [Meron nga ba?] Salamat sa mga officemates kong walang sawang nagbabasa ng aking BLOG! Palakpakan.Maiba na nga tayo, habang ako'y nagmuni-muni sa harap ng isang malaking parisukat at habang nakasalang ang mga paboritong kanta sa aking teleponong walang kable [NP: SMILE by Uncle Kracker] marami ang bumabagabag sa aking inosenteng kaisipan. Maraming mga gumugulo sa aking isipan. Di ko mawari kong anu ang mga ito, kung kaya't di ko alam kung anung gusto kong ipahiwatig sa paskil kong ito. Grrr wala akong nais sabihin kundi salamat ng marami sa mga taong naniniwala sa aking mga kakayahan, sa mga taong nainis at nayamot sa akin, sa mga taong umibig sa akin, sa mga taong napapangiti ko kahit minsan eh nakokornihan na, sa mga taong nagdala sa akin sa rurok ng tagumpay, sa mga taong nais na akong isumpa dahil sa mga pangakong di ko man lang matupad-tupad, sa mga taong walang tiwala sa akin, sa mga taong kasama ko tuwing ako'y naka-AUX, sa mga taong kasabayan ko sa tagayan at bulakbulan, sa mga taong kasip-sipan ko sa Sakto Coke o Pepsi, sa mga taong kahatian ko sa mga Skyflakes na naipupuslit sa callfloor, sa mga taong nakabeso-beso ko at sa mga taong nais kong pasalamatan. Ang gulo ano?! Bwahahaha!

Seryoso! Salamat ng marami---

UNA, sa Panginoon --- isa kang dakilang SECURITY Guard. Binabantayan mo ako 24/7! Salamat dahil ginagabayan mo ako sa panahong ako'y naglalakbay, sa panahong aking tinatahak ang karupukan ng buhay, sa panahong ako'y lugmok sa kahiripan, sa panahong ako'y dukha, at sa panahong gusto ko nang isumpa ang aking sarili. Salamat dahil IKAW ang aking BESPREN! Thanks pren, ikaw ang nakakaintindi sa aking mga kabulastugan, ikaw ang nakakaintindi sa aking mga walang kwentang hinaing at ikaw ang nakakaintindi sa aking kabaliwan.

P.S Salamat sa masarap na yakap mo. Ikaw ha, napapadalas na yan, minsan hinahap-hanap ko na.Wag ka! :)

PANGAWALA, sa aking PAMILYA --- dahil sa pagpapasensya! Salamat Mama, Papa, at Boks sa walang sawang pag-suporta sa akin. Salamat sa pagpukpok sa aking kaisipan na dapat eh uanahin ang mga importanteng bagay. Nakakalimutan ko mang magtext o tumawag sa inyo, wag kayo mag-alala parati kayong kasali sa mga dasal ko, at never ko kayong nakalimutan-- tinatamad lang ako minsan magtext. Ma, salamat sa malaking tiwala sa aking mga kakayahan, mana ako sayo. Pa, di man tayo close pero salamat dahil ni minsan di ko naramdaman na di mo ako mahal. Ikaw ha, kay mama ko pa nalalaman mga gusto mong sabihin sa akin, nakakalalaki kana--- idiresto na sa akin! Hahahaha Bokz, ikaw ang IDOL ko! Minsan naisip ko nga mas mature ka pa sa akin, ang layo mo na mag-isip at alam kong in the future you'll be one of the best teacher in our country. Ipagpatuloy mo lang yan, ilang buwan nalang eh gradweyt kana! Kung CUM Laude ka eh malaki ang makukuha mo sakin. AYLABYOU Pamilya ko!

PANGATLO, sa aking mga KAMAG-ANAK sa LuzVismin and abroad --- sang parte man kayo ng mundo isa kayong malaking parte ng buhay ko! Alam kong malaki ang ini-expect niyo sa akin, wag kayong mag-alala kasali kayo sa lahat ng mga plano ko sa buhay. See you sa mga reunions. Tsup tsup ♥

PANG-APAT, sa aking mga libu-libong kaibigan [binibilang?!] --- sa BRAWN Family [Bon., Reitz, Angelie, at Wel], sa CHU Family [Anthony, Douey, Cathy, Sheryl at Randy], sa CYBERCITY Friends ko [Ate May, Ter Pecry, Marc, Ate Cris, Ate Mel, Ate Ayessa, Miss Amy, Lisly, Greta, Ralf, Jaze, Regj, April ft. _jaded_, Ryan, Ning Catherine, Domz, Wyan, Patt, Kuya Orly, mga DP Peeps [Chillax lang sa Queue ug pagbantay kay ma-shared naka pinakalit-- evil laugh***] at sa mga di ko pa nabanggit [Naeedit pa naman to, magsabi lang kayo kung wala pangalan niyo dito, hahaha], sa aking mga SuperFriends LYRA and PURL, sa mga church friends ko, sa mga classmates ko na naging mga matalik ko naring kaibigan, sa mga friends ko narin sa facebook at friendster, sa mga followers ko sa facebook at sa lahat ng mga di ko nabanggit. SALAMAT ng marami sa mga pagtitiwala niyo. Naging malaking parte kayo ng aking buhay. Kayo ang naging anghang, tamis, alat, pait at kayo ang nagpalasa ng aking buhay. San man tayo dalhin ng tadhana, naway mamutawi parin sa ating mga puso't isipan ang pagkakaibigang di kailanman malilimutan. AYLABYOU all! Walang mintis, walang kulang.

P.S Christmas gift ko ha?!

PANGKALATAN, sa mga taong naging parte ng aking buhay, sa mga taong umibig sa akin, at inibig ko, at sa mga taong karapat-dapat pasalamatan [isa ka ba dun?!] --- SALAMAT dahil sinamahan niyo ako sa loob ng labindawalang taong pamamalagi ko sa mundong ating ginagawalan [Nagpapaalam na?! hahaha] Salamat ng marami, walang mapag-sidlan ang tuwang aking nararamdaman ngayon.

Serysoso na ba? Minsan kasi dito ko lang naipaparating mga bagay na di ko magawa sa personal. Dito ko nasasabi ang aking mga pasasalamat na di ko kayang sabihin ng harapan. Ang alam ng marami eh isa akong masayahin na tao at walang panahong di ako nakangiti, pero lingid sa kaalaman nila na isa akong seryosong tao at isa akong totoong taong nakasuot ng maskara ni Happy Face inside the Yellow Box. "A sad face inside a happy mask." Yan ako--- Basta, kung gusto mong malaman kung sino ako, wag kang mag-atubiling kilalanin ako, ikaw din-- malaking kawalan yun sayo.

Kung gusto mo pang subay-bayan ang aking buhay, maaari mo akong sundan sa:

Yahoo Messenger: nes123_123
Yahoo Mail:
Google+: nestorvillanuevajr

Hanggang sa muli--- PAALAM muna!

Lubos na nagmamahal at gumagalang,
Charo Santos este THOR

Miyerkules, Oktubre 19, 2011

Makesong UMAGA Sayo

I'm on break--- Yes! Lunch break for 30 minutes [Auxiliary 2]. Let's do the quickie blogging!
Let the keyboard do the talking-- MEN! :)


I've been posting a lot of cheesy and corny lines in my facebook wall, and I wanna share to you guys and gals some of these PAMATAY love quotes which you can also use on your own facebook walls. Feel free to copy&paste but don't forget to tag my name. Jokeness! Loko lang! :)

Enjoy your ma-CHEESY and ma-CORNY moments with this post! Oh la la la ♥


Isa lang naman ang pangarap ko--- Yun eh ang pangarapin mo rin ako :p

Dahan-dahan ka nga sa pagpili ng taong GUSTO mo--- baka malampasan mo AKO :P

KULOG ng KULOG wala namang ulan-- Parang puso ko TIBOK ng TIBOK wala ka namang pakialam :C

Ang gusto ko paglaki ko maging--- SAYO! :p

--- ang GUGMA ko nimo murang kan-on lang sa PENONGS! UNLIMITED! 

Mahirap siguro maging IKAW, subukan mo maging TAYO :p

‎--- parang wala ako sa sarili ko, siguro nasa iyo ako :p

Ang TUNAY na PAG-IBIG ay parang si ELISA--- NASAAN NA NGA BA ? :p

‎--- sa lahat ng mga salita, IKAW ang gusto ko c:




Kahit gaano ka pa kagaling magpayo sa isang relasyon. Magiging bobo ka kapag ikaw ang nasa sitwasyon :p

‎--- ayaw sayangi imung nindot nga mata , kung magpa BUTA-BUTA lang ka sa akong GUGMA :p

May mga taong kaibigan ka pag nakaharap, pero pag nakatalikod ka, matagal kana palang PINAPANGARAP :p

Ipa-KILO mo man ang puso ko. Wala paring labis at wala paring kulang ang pagmamahal ko sayo :P

So anu ngayon kung TAKEN ka? Tanggalan lang kita ng "T" eh siguradong AKEN ka! :p

Lord naman, kung di mo siya ibibigay sa akin. AKO nalang ang ibigay mo sa KANYA, Amen. :p

Alam naman nating lahat na masamang MAGKALAT! Pero masasabi mo bang MASAMA ako kung ipagkakalat kong IKAW ang MAHAL ko?

Wag mong ipagsiksikan ang SARILI MO SA KANYA! Malay mo, sakin ka pala kasya :p

"Ang tunay na nagmamahal ay parang isang matinong estudyante kapag nag-eexam--- di lilingon sa iba, kahit nahihirapan :p YUN!

‎--- Ang BABAE parang BARBIE. Pwede mong hubaran, damitan at paglaruan. Pero tandaan mo na ang TUNAY NA LALAKI hindi naglalaro ng Barbie :p YUN!

Akala ko sa H nagsisimula ang Happiness sa "U" pala :p

‎--- Ang pag ibig nya sayo ay parang Lady's Choice. ISIPIN MO NALNG MERON PA :p

--- Sana Volleyball ka na lang para pag sinabi kong MINE. Lahat sila iiwas at sa akin ka lang :p

--- essay ba ako? Bakit kailangan mong magpaliwanag kung sa galaw mo naman ay nababanaag? :p

Kalendaryo ka raw? Makahingi nga ng DATE :P

‎---- gusto kong mapag-ISA! Ang puso nating DALAWA :p 

Ang TEXT ay mahirap burahin lalo na kung kay CRUSH nanggaling :p 

Kung sumasabog lang ang puso ko--- Malamang, nakakalat na ang mga LETRA ng pangalan mo :p

Wag ka nalang mag abalang i-reserve pa siya ng space sa puso mo, kung ginagawa lang niyang bakasyonan ito :c

I wanna fall for someone who would always feel 'contented' having ME. Just ME. Only ME. Hindi yung--- Marami “ka-ME” :p

Ang pinakamasayang aksidente na nangyari sa buhay ko eh yung mahulog ang PUSO ko sayo :p

‎--- ulan ulan nagdudulot ng baha. Sanay na ako sa baha, napagpraktisan ko na yan. Ikaw ba naman ang malunod sa PAGMAMAHAL niya? :p

--- di ko naman pinapangarap maging akin ka, ang akin lang maging sayo AKO C:

--- wag mo na itanong anung gusto ko sa buhay ko, baka madulas ako at IKAW pa masabi ko :p

BLUETOOTH ka ba? --- Kasi pag kasama kita YOU STAY CONNECTED pero pag wala na ako YOU SEARCH FOR OTHER DEVICES :p 

Kung magmamahal ka wag mo ibigay lahat-- magtira ka para sa akin! c:
-- ang pagmamahal ko sa mga EX ko ay parang ulam namin kanina... UBOS NA! :p 

-- ang GF/BF parang MOON... iiwan karin pagdating ng araw :3
-- ang Pag-ibig ko sayo parang opening ng SHOWTIME--- hindi magbabago! :p 
-- anung height mo? Nagtataka ako kung panu ka nagkasya sa puso ko :p
-- kung mahihilo man lang ako, eh aba'y mas gugustuhin ko nang ang mundo ko'y iikot SAYO! :p
-- ang pinakamagandang FEELING sa mundo, ay ang MakaFEELING ka :p
-- Kung HINDI kita makuha sa PANA at SIBAT.. Dadaanin kita sa NGITI at KINDAT :p
-- GRABE! Ang sakit ng MATA ko!! Hindi na ata ako MAKAKAKITA.... ng mas hihigit pa sayo :p
-- sa liit ng kamay mo, nakuha mong hawakan ang mundo ko! Galing noh?  

-- para kang ASAP Rocks, you play the greatest performance of my Life :p

-- para kang Birthday celebration, napapasaya mo ako c:

 Dalawang araw lang kita gustong makasama---- ARAW-ARAW! :P

Identification Card (ID) ka ba? Kasi kahit mawala ka, alam parin nilang akin ka :p
Tumaba ka ba? Bumibilog ka kasi eh... Unti-Unti kang nagiging mundo ko :p
Adik daw ako, eh di naman ako gumagamit ng Marijuana o Shabu kasi sayo palang eh HIGH na ako :p

Tinatanong mo pa ngayon kung bakit hilo ako, eh di mo ba alam umiikot kasi mundo ko sayo :p

Ibenta mo na ang bahay mo, handa naman akong patirahin ka sa PUSO ko :p
Aanhin mo pa ang BAHAY mo, kung nakatira ka naman sa PUSO ko? :p

Wala ka namang interest sa photography, wala ka mang mood magpicture taking, wala ka mang hilig sa camera, pag ako kasama mo for sure-- MADEDEVELOP ka :p
Ang pag-ibig parang PLANTS vs ZOMBIES, binakuran mo na nga ina-ASWANG pa!

Pag-ibig nga naman--- parang CP na nahulog sa toilet. Makukuha mo lang pag may lakas ka ng loob.
Ikaw ang bente pesos ng buhay ko, kasi pinapa TUGS TUGS TUGS mo ang puso ko.

Hayaan mo na sila kung ini-SMALL nila ako, ini-IBIG naman kita :p
Ang quotes parang ligaw na bala, hindi para sayo pero tinamaan ka :)

Pag nakikita kita napupuling ako--- Napupuling inlove sayo :p

AYOKO NA SA SARILI KO! Sayo na lang ako ha? :p
Kung hindi niya ma-appreciate yung love na IPINAPAKITA mo sa kanya, subukan mong ITAGO baka sakaling hanapin nya :p

Dyip ka ba? Andame kasing gustong kumabet :3
Taga SEOUL, South Korea ka ba? Baka kasi ikaw na ang SEOULMATE ko :3

Boy: Sana PSP ka nalang para pwede kita dalhin kahit saan!  
Girl: Sorry im TEKKEN :3
Isa lang naman ang hiling ko eh, ang maging HALIGI nang magiging TAHANAN mo :p

 Why take so many supplements when all you need is ME? :p
Mukha raw akong bilanggo. Kasalanan ko ba kung makulong ako sa iyong puso? :p

Selfish daw ako sabi nila! Kasalanan ko ba kung ipagdamot kita? :p

Andaming nagmamahal sayo: Sina Me, Myself at I! :p
Ang pag-ibig ko sayo parang si RICO! Kung dati BLANCO ngayon eh PUNO!
Dati akala ko dagat lang lumalalim, pati pala FEELINGS ko sayo ganun din.


Ilan lamang yan sa mga makesong pamatay na linya na gusto kong ibahagi sa inyong lahat!

It doesn't matter how cheesy or corny you are to your partner. What matters most is how you show to him/her that loving is beyond feelings. Remember this, "L♥ve is only a gift given to us so we should not hold it in our hands for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to leave." It only means that we should not let our heart dominate our mind. Thor says, it should be MIND over HEART!

KEEP THAT LOVE GROWING! Keep the faith burning!

Till next blogging time, this has always been---