Huwebes, Nobyembre 24, 2011

I was once an IDIOT

Last Wednesday, November 23, 2011, I received the worst call ever in my life as a Call Center Associate. I was really disturbed and my hands are shaking. My mind was in total black-out and I feel like my eyes wants to cry out.

Here it is. I wanna share to you the whole story.

At around 4:00 o'clock in the morning, November 24, the following day, I received a an order call from an American customer named Z. Ramsey. She's an old lady who wants to order the Double Security Zip Around Fan Wallet of our company. On set of the call, I was wondering why she wants me to scream, not knowing that she's kinda deaf. I just realized it when she told me she's on a speaker phone. I was astonished and shocked cause she shouted like somebody's gonna take her away from the phone. I'm not in the mood to argue with her cause I am not feeling well. To my surprise, I shouted back to her cause in the first place she wants me to do. It's not being me as unprofessional but it is with her who's very demanding. It's like we're talking on top of our lungs. It's like I'm on the ground floor and she's on the nth floor of the building. 

I even explained to her that agents are also taking calls, so If I will shout up to the edge of the roof they might be disturbed and they will look at me with face which a painter could not even paint. She told me she don't even care. We're shouting on the entire transaction.

Here's the funny thing. We're almost done and I was about to offer her our Money Saving Program, when she interrupted me and asked where am I located. I told her that our corporate office is in Chatsworth, CA. She's very happy cause she thought that the call was processed in the US with an American agent. She then asked me for the second time, "Where are you physically located?" I told her that I'm taking her call in one of the offshoot callcenters in the PH and works for D****P*****.

I was again shocked for the third time because she's murmuring and she told me that I'm lying. She no longer wants to listen to me. Well I am just following our Client's Directive and proper call flow. I told her that we are not allowed to say right away that we are located in the PH. She didn't listen to me. She's like delivering a homily when she said, " God Loves You, and Jesus Christ died on the the cross to save us from sins and now you are lying?. I can't imagine it. You're a LIAR." I explained to her about our client's directive and she rejected my explanation. I even tell her that I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm saying and I'm a Christian. She didn't mind me.

I really can't imagine why there are people who are underestimating one's potential without even letting the person show what he/she can do. I helped her in placing the order and yet she acted like an untamed animal.

What hurts me most is that she generalized that we, Filipinos are Idiots. That I myself is an Idiot. That I cannot understand her. That I lied to her. That I cannot speak English well.

She even requested me to transfer the call to US. I told her that as much as I would like to do so, I don't have the access to transfer it to CA. She's really demanding. She didn't hang-up and she shouted for how many times that she don't wanna talk to me. WT* How will I end the call properly If she will not talk to me or she'll not hang up either? I heard her saying that she wants her call to be routed in the US. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that there are really a lot of racist in this arena. I can name a few of them.

My patience was lost and still I tried my best to end the call, but she's really hard-headed. I can't think of what to do so I let my Supervisor take the call. I dunno what happened next cause I just saw my Sales Manager wearing my headset and talking to the b*tch old rugged lady. Good thing the call was saved and good heavens it ended up so smooth. Thanks to my SM. (Grin*)

She should be thankful cause there's someone who wants to help her place the order. If all customers are like Ms. Ramsey, I bet all call centers are like battlefields.

LESSON? Don't talk to stupid people, you might be tagged as IDIOT. Why? Because only stupid people can understand their words and language. I've tried talking to one of them that's why I WAS ONCE AN IDIOT.

The 4TH Idiot featuring The Three Idiots,

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