Martes, Nobyembre 15, 2011


--- this poem is heartily dedicated to Ms. May Tejeda. Get love and be hurt.

For how many months I've been an illicit lover of yours
I'm waking up early just to see if you're on the other door
They tagged me a lazy frog for skipping chores
Well, all I wanted is to walk with you up to the shore

I've been concealing with this unlawful love I felt
When I see you passing by my way I feel like I was about to melt
I'm praying that you're an angel God sent
My time to you I will forever spent

Sometimes I've been smiling with no reasons at all
I'm filled with apprehensions that to you I will surely fall
I'm attracted, I don't wanna dwindle, I shouldn't pall
I wanna scream what I'm feeling now, I wanna squall

Your eyes are hazelnuts assembled in your handsome face
You handled every situation with finesse and grace
I'm just happy when you're around cause we're in the same place
My mind is yelling and, neurons are playing in a maze

I've been hiding this feeling for how many months until this very day
I'm always glancing and peeping on you when I pass by the center way
To be with you in a single day, that's what I pray
"I've got a crush on you"--- above all the words I wanna say

You're not that good-looking but there's in you that I love
Everyday and every night I feel like I'm soaring like a dove
I'm not careless, I'm not rough but I really like to shove
My illegitimate love for you, that's what I take care of

If you happen to read this letter of affection
Don't hesitate to approach me, I'm ready for any communication
Well, I'm just a rep taking orders for Collections
Oh BOY! Just look at me on the other side of intersection

With love,

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