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Life is not life if without any stressors, rushing periods, interruptions, worries, sense of anxiety and discomfort, resentment, melancholy, dark moods, lack of patience, scarcity in your everyday needs and so much more. Life cannot be called life without PROBLEMS.

I know that everyone of us are experiencing intricate or difficult problems today. We are bounded by challenges. And we are all prisoners in the so called "cage of dilemma." Sometimes we wanted to give up and say--- ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Scene 1: AT HOME

"Nak, why can't you be more like your Ate and Kuya?" We are always compared to our Ates and Kuyas who they thought are much better than us, and who they thought are role models. It makes us feel conscious of our actuation when we're with our family. It's always hard to be aware of what we're acting in front of them. And we can't be ourselves. It feels like you can't go out of your cocoon and you cant spread your wings like a Skyline Pigeon. Its really hard.

"Nak, pasensya kana, away mag-asawa lang ito." Living with a worried mother or a depressed father can somehow affect us, their children. When we are always witnessing repeated scenes of conflict and arguments of our parents, it hurts and kills us much.

"You should be here before 6PM or 6PM sharp." It's not that our parents are anti-social.It's just that they don't want us to party till dawn or to stroll in a "where-should-we-go place." Or maybe they are used to it or they've experienced it before from our grandparents. That why they say, "Kung ano ang puno, siya rin ang bunga," The bad thing about this cliche is that what people see in your parents, they should always see it within you. If you're parents aren't good at them, for sure they will think that you're also like your parents. Pretty words are not always true, and true words are not always pretty.

Scene 2: AT SCHOOL

"Im giving you 3 days to comply all your requirements. I will not sign your clearance if you can't pass it on time." I know all of us experienced this scenario in our respective institutions. We are given a short span of time to comply all our uncountable requirements. Akala kasi ni Ser o ni Mem eh isa lang subject natin. We Filipinos are great procrastinator. We are always cramming up to the last minute.

" No clearance, no exam permit, no exam." How many promissory notes have you written before? I bet a hundred times. I've tried this one during my high school years. I mean I've tried this how many times. We're not a privileged family, we're just in a so-so classification. So for me not be late in taking exams, I am always rushing to the Registrar's Office to again ask for their permission to let me take the exam. Funny thing, I can even enumerate how may tables and chairs are there in the office and where can I see the portrait of the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Thank God, I finished High School with flying colors. I had an epiphany that if you really strive hard, let not poverty hinder your way to success and if you aim high, you'll surely reach and hit the mark up to its zenith.

"I need you manuscripts tomorrow morning, you can leave it in my office." Feels like I wanna vomit when I hear those words from my thesis adviser. It's like she's inflicting corporal punishment in me. We can't really escape from it. Or else I'll not receive my degree diploma without the most expensive yet thinnest book I ever had. Why did I say expensive? --- because I've revised it for the nth time before I was able to produced a good output.

Scene 3: AT WORK

"Did you reached the Quota?" This has been the novena of every boss who wants his subordinates to be productive in all undertakings. We are always motivated by our boss to work under pressure and to strive with nerves. Well, sometimes our best wasn't good enough. One thing, they wanted to squeeze us to be more pragmatic and to be more resourceful.

"What happened with my schedule? Does it mean I need to work 12 hours a day? OHMAYGADD!" We are again discombobulated with factors like change of schedule, change of time-in or change in OT schedules which leads to confusion. Another factor is, you're not in good terms with your supervisor or with one of your teammate. Truly, there are changes in your daily work routine because of the changes made by the company your connected to.

[At call centers]
"Honey I can't hear you. Can you talk a lil bit louder?" This is my problem every shift. Customers who are deaf and who can't understand us. It makes me irate and it touches my ego. I hate repeating information over and over again. I am already talking up to the edge of my lungs and yet they can't hear us. Back-Off! Call Back!

Scene 4: AT CHURCH

"Kringgg.Kringgg. Kringgg." (Mobile ringing). It is prevalent and will always be an issue inside the church. Are we going to church because we are told to do so or we are obligated by our parents? Some are texting or most of the people especially teens are playing with their phones when they're bored or even in the homily. Isn't it, its a time for us to celebrate the Goodness and Greatness of God on those holy hours? Why can't we reprimand ourselves?

Sometimes we are contented of going to church without even knowing its real essence. Are we going to church because our friends are with us? We should know the reason why we go to church and what is the real Church.

Whatever your problem is, don't forget to pray without ceasing. Problems are never ending aspects in person's life cycle. These are agents why we are still surviving and reasons why we keep on fighting. Conundrum is a never process. Face it and do your best.

Enjoy the rest of the day. God bless readers (kung meron man. lols)

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