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I love PH! How are you gonna show to the world the essence of PATRIOTISM?

"Rediscovering Filipino Values. I act. I See. I advocate."

Folks! Lads and Lasses, Are we still motivated to show to the world how hospitable Filipinos are? How cordial and genial we are or how affable we are?

Do you agree, that we Pinoys are still abdicated to be the hope of our land, and to be known as the most respectful and dutiful Juan Dela Cruz?

Let us trace back and scrutinize what a Juan Dela Cruz can offer.

Let us also rediscover what can we do to achieve social equity for fulfillment of human potential.

Celebrating INDEPENDENCE Day @ Mount Puting Bato [Freedom Climb 2011]

First, Filipinos have always been known to be on top with regards to hospitality. We can mirror it, especially on urban areas. A simple family can provide a good shelter and food for their visitors. Imagine, even to strangers we are extending our Pinocchio smiles and Cinderella waves. That's how affable we are. It only means that we give assistance and support to each and every sect of the society.

Secondly, we are also motivated to help each other. The act of cohesiveness of a group or solidarity as shown in the legendary act of "BAYANIIHAN." Its an awful act showing how able-bodied people help each other in constructing villas or bahay-kubo and lifting it from one point to another without asking something in return. Look! How helpful we are!

In addition, there is also the desire to blend with the society, that's PAKIKISAMA. By these, we can build rapport and good companionship with our fellowmen.

At the peak of Mt. Puting Bato with Anjo, Lisly and Ryan

Moreover, the essence of Perseverance is still in our blood. Its still a virtue one has to possess. Remember the saying, "kung may tiyaga may nilaga", it means that we should work hard to be prominent in our chosen path someday. Its now the age of reality TV as stated by a well-known author.

On the other side of the coin, we are surely FAMILY-ORIENTED! The recently ended Teleserye of ABS-CBN entitled "MINSAN LANG KITANG IIBGIN", shows how we value our families. How we show our care and love for them.

Bernard Shaw said, "If you cannot get rid of the family skeletons, you may as well make it dance."  Today, let's go back shortly into the past to understand why Filipino families are what they are now--- how to make our own skeletons dance, especially the tinikling.

Filipino families should work hand and hand in achieving the goal and perspective of a best society. One should not be ashamed of what he/she can show to the world. We are the home of the world class champions. We should always carry our flag with vigor and agility, with fame and honour and with power and dignity.

Above all, we are also known to be religious in nature and we value fear of God. We can see religious people on board carrying the Magnificent Sto. Nino from Cebu, we can also see church devotees on churches like the Lady of Manoag and in Quiapo as well and also the habit of every pinoy-- to say Diyos ko everyday and in everyway. That's Filipino!

Naming all the traits we have seems to be the hardest thing to do. I myself, can count a lot more than my ten fingers can do.

We the youth of today are an aging sector. We must all therefore, pay attention to the rediscovering of Filipino traits and values, to the development of community empowerment and to the attainment of social equity.

For now, I can see that Philppines has a lot to offer. I should act now in maintaining the good values and traits my Nanay and Tatay taught me. By these I can be an advocate in attaining peace and development not only for myself but for my country, your country, OUR country PHILIPPINES. Good day!

Here are some pictures during the Camp, showing how we love our country by joining recreational activities that highlights true values and attributes of a real Filipino--- PAKIKISAMA!  

Identification Cards

Filipinos are really photoholics, they love to take pictures time to time [With GenSan People]
During the first night of the Camp @ Seagrass Resort
READY FOR THE CLIMB! [Lisly, Me, Anjo and Ryan]

Getting ready to conquer Mt. Puting Bato (Me, Ryan, Ren-Ren and Lisly)
Energizing ourselves as we climb Mt. Puting Bato, thanks Anjo for the special breakfast! c:

No matter how young or how old you are, you can also show how you love the Pearl Orient of the Pacific. Just be firm and accurate with your decisions, fight for what is right and show to them what a real FILIPINO is. Love you country, as you Love GOD! Till next blogging time!


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